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Your service will be more noteworthy in jail” – Colleague sends his affection and supplications to Ghanaian minister who ruthlessly killed his significant other, accuses Satan


A Texas based Ghanaian minister, Daniel Darkwah has awoken the fierceness of numerous individuals after he conveyed love and petitions to his companion and associate, prophet Sylvester Ofori, who mercilessly killed his significant other.

Review that the well known US-based minister was captured after he shot his 27-year-old spouse Barbara Tommey dead external her working environment in Orlando on Tuesday, September 8.

Taking to Facebook on Friday, Darkwah, who depicted himself as an “exceptional righteous man, said the couple cherished each other without question and accused the obnoxious represent the typical offender, satan.

“Prophet Sylvester Ofori and wonderful spouse Babra Ofori.I know how you both love each other no one but satan can cause such show and hurt both of you all the while. Prophet you are as yet cherished by me and my better half and we will bear you in supplication in this troublesome time you are in.,” he composed.

“We ask that God pardons you and you excuse yourself for ending the life of another anybody as well as Babra. Babra I realize the amount you love Sylvester you won’t wish for vengeance on this I implore your spirit Rest In Peace and May all your family and influenced ones be helped. We should petition God for one another it could transpire.

“I realize your service will even be more prominent in jail we don’t have a clue what God will free once again from this wreck. Daniel and debbie will cherish you both until the end of time. God is the Judge here not me” he included.

Notwithstanding, his post lighted furious response from individuals on Facebook including Ghanaians. Some portrayed his post as obtuse toward the group of the killed lady. One Sally Empress composed:

“God can fgv him bt unquestionably not man so stop ur ineptitude n shut dat smelling mouth of urs.he will serve his prison term kuleem.i will KP saying it..if its sweet may u hv a sample of it!”

Another client stated: “God deny! He will know no harmony, no harmony for the underhanded! Is it accurate to say that you are a specialist or an associate? Same God all of you use to dube individuals with, will visit all of you. No harmony for the devilish”

Ngongang Daniel: Not just are you distraught, you are a finished and express moron. A moronic idiot. An absurd idiot. You need some sense beaten into you. You are only a brainwatched dumb nicompoop”

Because of the backfire, affronts, and asserted passing dangers he got, the righteous man wrote another extensive post on contrition and pardoning. Peruse underneath:

“Men : Sylvester must Die. God : Sylvester must be pardoned and sin no more.

I have gotten endless abuse and demise dangers after composition ?? about the delightful couple who Satan has attacked into their tranquility and home. I am made for times and minutes like this I don’t shake and I don’t move.

The man who murdered his significant other must be excused by God and furthermore atone. I went through the entire evening asking about this. I accept that for the greater part of us we have not yet gotten the adoration for God in our souls. By no means have I safeguarded the activities of Sylvester or excused to what he did to Babra. No transgression is thicker than the Blood of Jesus, I implore God mends everybody harming and furthermore show Mercy toward Sylvester.

Most Christians are advising me not to state the fallen angel motivated Sylvester ? Who in their ordinary sense murder their better half ? Am I to state the Holy Spirit propelled him ? Unmistakably this is a demonstration of mischievousness and the main motivation can be satan.

The discussion isn’t climate it was planned or not we can plainly observe a demonstration is profound warefare here. Satan was accountable for his heart consequently the intensity to state I will murder my better half and he inevitably did.

The most confounding part here is that Christians are stating that he should be slaughtered , express gratitude toward God He didn’t execute Moses and David who are the two Murderers like Sylvester however chipped away at them and helped them.

On the off chance that no one but Sylvester can approach God for pardoning and the group of his significant other I trust God will show kindness toward Him. At the point when a Christian falls ,commits errors , does evil or goes incorrectly it is Christians who toss them out and cast curses on them.

Afterward we take our books of scriptures out to proceed to win spirits ? We can’t deal with the descending into sin siblings and sisters however we need to proceed to bring new convets.

Babra May your delicate soul rest in Gods Perfect love . May your family mend and be solid in such a horrible time


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