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No relationship is perfect. There are ups and downs in every relationship, no matter how much love there is. There are agreements and disagreements, there fights and make ups. It is a normal thing. But then how will know if those issues taking place are actually the regular relationship issues? How do you know if there is something more to look out for? Pay attention carefully to the signs listed below to know where your relationship stands, to know if you should go on or quit it.

1. Lots Of Fighting:
Like we talked about earlier, fighting in a relationship is inevitable. But then, what is not okay is if it happens on a regular basis. When it becomes more than you both can handle, and there is lots of insults and disrespect. If you are always disregarding each other and distrusting one another then maybe it is going downhill. You no longer trust each other and every little thing is enough to make both of you blow up with ceasing fire. That relationship is not healthy.

2. You Barely Spend Time Together:
Normally, when people love each other, they always want to be around each other. They want to spend time together. Though this happens mostly when the relationship is new but that doesn’t mean that the spark should die as time goes on. If after some time or it gets to a point in your relationship and both of you suddenly loose interest in spending quality time together, not the awkward kind of time, amazing time together, then that relationship isn’t healthy.

3. You have someone else in mind:
When you are in a relationship with someone, they should be the only one on your mind. But in a situation where you have someone else on your mind, that just shows there is no more connection between you two.

4. Abuse:
When people hear the word abuse, they think straight to being beaten. There are lots of ways to abuse someone. Someone can be abused physically and emotionally. When you are being disrespected or told how you are not enough, those things scar you, they scar your heart. They abuse you emotionally. So in a relationship where you are made to feel low, to feel inferior, to feel like you are not worth it, to feel like you are not important, or a relationship where you are beaten or rough handled is not a healthy relationship.

5. Lack Of Intimacy:
Intimacy is not just about having to feel each other or have sex. It is mostly about getting to know each other really deeply. It is about knowing when your partner is in a good mood or not, when they are feeling downcast, when they need you to emotionally back them up. If you and whoever it is you are involved with doesn’t have that connection then that relationship is not healthy.
So, there you have it guys. If those signs listed above are among what you are going through, try to fix it by communicating. But if fixing it cannot work, then maybe it is time to let go.

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