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Why Reading News And Smart Contract Platform Use To Shut Down

You’re glad that you just registered a platform that promise to pay you for reading news and referring people to join the platform,  then suddenly, you discover that the is no longer paying people and has shut down. Now, have ever ask yourself why many of this reading news and smart contract site crash sooner or later?

Many of these get paid for reading news and smart contract have promised us more than heaven and earth, sometimes they will also promise use that we will be to make money on their website and get paid.

Now, in this article I will explained on my point of view, why many income platform shut down sooner or later.

In my country Nigeria, this reading news site and smart contract otherwises knowned as among the top one online ponzi schemes. Mostly Nigeria students is a member of one of more of these platforms.

These platforms required you to register an account with a certain registration fee. The first reading news  platform to exist in Nigeria is NNU Income and their official website is and it was founded by Nigeria blogger called  Paul Samson, while the first smart contract platform is called million money and it was founded by unknown person.

Why These Platforms Shut Down

I have been a member of theses platforms for many years and I understand the in and out them and thats why I decided to come up with this headline.  Remember, am not here to tell you not to join!

1. Overload Members 

It’s good thing to have much active members because the more members the platforms has the more money they make

However, a situation where platform becomes flooded with too much members raise another problem to the platform. Some of these platforms fall because they’re inability to generate more income to pay all members.

In some cases we see these platforms have too much downtimes error when trying to pay members.

2. Non referral people 

Here is one of the top reasons why many of these platforms fall. Regards the fact that not everyone can be able to refer someone, a lot of people join because of promise to pay them without referral.

So these leaves others disappointed and they end up calling it scam and therefore advice others not to join.

I have earn allot from many of these platforms because I learned and understand that there is no other way promote a platform then by referring people to join.

3. Greed 

Greediness simply means a selfish and excessive for more of something than is needed.

Nigeria would have been a better place of our leaders are not greedy, greedy is just root of corruption.

Greedy is one of reasons why many of those sites fall and crashed. As such only referal gurus can benefits from massively from these platforms while the rest get peanut in return.

I have seen cases where most of these sites hide the identity of the admin from the public. Personally in any online business where the CEO founder is not known. That’s why I like Roladel Talent World 


There’s are still good number of reading news platform and smart contract that you could join and make more money for yourself.

Though, I advise you not to join any platform because you want to be paid without referral but focus on Refering people to join the platform because by doing so you will earn bigger.

Below are different platform that you can make money from.



However, I strongly recommend H2I TOP UP AND EARN because the future holds on VTU.

If you find this acticle interested don’t hesitate to share it and if you have any question drop it on the comments box below.


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