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Why Most Nigeria Youths Value Sex In A Relationship


Having sex is something we enjoy both males and females. We both know what it’s like to be in a relationship that is plagued by almost non-existent communication, passive-aggression, and sexlessness. Neither of us wants to have that experience again. And so we choose to show up for ourselves and each other. To am going to show you Why Most Nigeria Youths Value Sex In A Relationship

1. To Builds Self Confidence

We have all heard anecdotes about how being in a sexless relationship can affect your self-esteem. And keeping in mind that we should all be the subject of our own craving, the longing to be wanted is as yet general.

Confidence is an inside work, yet outside variables impact it, your relationship is one of them. At the point when sex isn’t about outside approval, yet rather about extending closeness and association, it turns into an adaptable asset.

2. To make him Happy

Sex isn’t the main thing.” I hear that a ton. Furthermore, I concur, when you’re engaging in sexual relations, even on a semi-ordinary premise, it is anything but a serious deal. In any case, when you’re not having intercourse by any stretch of the imagination, it can turn into the focal point of your relationship.

Once more, it’s not about sex as much as it’s about closeness. As I said previously, sex is one of the manners in which that couples bond and associate. At the point when you feel associated with your accomplice, you experience more significant levels of bliss and satisfaction.

3. Communication

Sex is, by a long shot, one of the most weak acts in the human experience. You’re lying there inclined, obvious bare, without any pockets. There is no spot to conceal when all aspects of you is in plain view. Only space and occasion to associate in case you’re willing.

In a little while, you start to communicate your reality. With words, sounds, and articulation. You recount your story through non-verbal communication and your breath. You share your heart and your injuries. You deliver and permit. Accounting for additional.

Normal sex makes occasions to work on creation demands and offering input. Bearing the cost of snapshots of gainful, legitimate, and straightforward discussions about any and everything. This is where you study your accomplice while getting a greater amount of yourself.


In this post conclusion, sharing an active sex life with your partner is about more than pleasure.  If you find this post useful don’t hesitate to share it with your friends on social media and Subscribe to our YouTube channel 


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