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Uti Nwachukwu apologises to Tacha over his mean comments after her disqualification from BBNaija Season 4

Uti Nwachukwu has written down an open expression of remorse to BBNaija season 4 housemate, Tacha, over the mean remarks he made about her after she wgas precluded from the show a year ago. Tacha, similar to Erica, was excluded for various encroachments of rules in the unscripted television show.

Uti responded to the slamming he got from her fans famously alluded to as Titans, and went on Twitter to slam her, utilizing uncomplimentary words.

In a post he shared on his Instagram page on Tuesday night, September 8, Uti who won the Big Brother Africa show in 2010, said he has understood his slip-ups and is currently offering his expressions of remorse.

Peruse his post beneath

“You will never comprehend till it transpires” – famous saying

I will never be too pleased to even consider acknowledging my own revelations and when it’s an ideal opportunity to really obey ur still, small voice which I generally state is your soul.

Call it karma consider it a reminder. In any case, you generally need to tune in to that voice inside

Late occasions have set off recollections from a year ago’s #bbnaija

At the point when another housemate was precluded.

We should simply say, presently I know how it feels for her and her fans

In particular, I am profoundly remorseful for the brutal words I tweeted when I felt incited by her enthusiastic FANS who were vexed

It was not reasonable for her as she had PERSONALLY not done anything to ME.

My responses to the affront were thoroughly off-base and not propelled from a position of Love which I generally champion

How others treat us is no deficiency of our own. Be that as it may, how we react/REACT is completely up to us.

Tit for tat leaves the world Blind (I’m despite everything learning this one sha cos in some cases the soul of Gbas gbos is tooo solid lol)

I’m likewise somebody that says, don’t affront me out in the open and afterward come and apologize secretly.

So symply_tacha I am incredibly upset for the mean tweets I reacted with a year ago.

If you don’t mind acknowledge my most profound expressions of remorse

I can’t envision what you more likely than not gone through and still go through consistently. Everything I can say is your tirelessness is praiseworthy

To the Titans. Na Una want me o! Lol *jokes*.

I entire heartedly pardon all of you for any and all that u folks said or did.

In any case, more than all else, I am additionally upset for the manner in which I tended to you folks.

Our battle wear arrive at one year o lol. So make we embrace an out

I am formally expressing the desire for peace to you all and saying I am grieved

Trust me when I state I NOW KNOW HOW U GUYS FELT and FEEL

I’m not legitimizing anything from anybody however as Public Personalities we need to really try to do we say others should do and tho we may fall a couple of times, we owe it to our supporters to get up and motivate them by making the best decision

Let love TRULY lead. Also, how about we be merciful.

As Ephesians 4:31-32 says : Be benevolent to each other, kind, pardoning each other, as God in Christ excused you??Uti Nwachukwu apologises to Tacha over his mean comments after her disqualification from BBNaija Season 4

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