Update: British pilot charged over shocking plane accident which executed footballer Emiliano Sala


A British pilot from the East Riding of Yorkshire is being arraigned over the accident which executed Argentinian expert, footballer Emiliano Sala.

The 28-year-old striker was being flown from Nantes in France to his new club, Cardiff City, on 21 January 2019 when the light airplane being steered by David Ibbotson, 59, from Lincolnshire, dove into the ocean close to Guernsey. His body was recuperated from the seabed 68 meters down about fourteen days after while Ibbotson’s body has still not been found.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) reported in an explanation that David Henderson, 66, who was intended to have flown the footballer, has been accused of two offenses under the Air Navigation Order (2016)

He is blamed for acting in a “foolish/careless” way, and being engaged with the business utilization of the plane engaged with the accident.

CAA chief Richard Stephenson stated: “The UK Civil Aviation Authority has initiated an arraignment of David Henderson for offenses related with the deadly light airplane mishap over the English Channel in January 2019.

“It will be improper for the CAA to state anything further until the case is closed.”

As per CAA, Henderson showed up at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court on September 28, yet was bailed to show up at Cardiff Crown Court on October 26.

Daniel Machover of law office Hickman and Rose – which is speaking to the footballer’s mom, Mercedes Taffarel, stated: “Mercedes Taffarel invites the arraignment of David Henderson, yet is frustrated that it has today brought about what might be a further noteworthy postponement to the investigation into Emiliano’s passing.

“This coming January will check a long time since the plane Emiliano was going in collided with the English Channel.

“His mom stays urgent to know the full truth about how this might have been permitted to occur, and asks the CAA to continue with its criminal indictment as quickly as could be expected under the circumstances, so an examination can be held to set up this, and that comparative passings are forestalled.”

A report into the accident by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch found that neither David Ibbotson nor the plane were authorized for the trip to work monetarily, however proof indicated he was to be paid an expense.

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