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Union Bank Celebrates YOU as Nigeria turns 60!


As Nigeria denotes her 60th Independence Anniversary today, there are basic inquiries on the lips of a great many Nigerians at home and abroad – “What do we need to observe?”, “‘What do we need to be pleased with, following 60 years of autonomy from pilgrim rule?”

It is unquestionable – the dissatisfactions are tremendous, the mistake, tragic. To exacerbate the situation, the effect of the worldwide Covid-19 flare-up appears to have vexed Nigeria’s sensitive advancement, interfering with us altogether.

In any case, regardless of the conspicuous deterrents, one thing is similarly as evident and similarly as obvious – the tough, persistent, pioneering soul that is related with the ordinary Nigerian. Some call it “the hustling soul”.

Thus today, as Nigeria denotes this achievement, we at Union Bank decide to observe YOU. We praise our clients, representatives, and all Nigerians, who, regardless of the apparent multitude of disappointments and impediments, get up every day and keep on putting forth a strong effort; to push and accept that tomorrow will be superior to today.

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