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Top 5 Motivation YouTube Channel In Nigeria

Numerous individuals need assurance and eagerness in their lives. In spite of the fact that they have faith in the words, “I will,” however they entirely follow up on them.

This is on the grounds that they experience the ill effects of inspiration deficiency. Without it, life turns into a trivial trench in which you can’t make your objectives and progress.

Inspiration can be discovered wherever, for example, persuasive statements, classes, and books. Be that as it may, a great many people like to watch persuasive recordings, and YouTube gives huge loads of them through different channels.

These channels are an incredible wellspring of motivation and inspiration for individuals hoping to better their lives and organizations.

1.  Success Secret TV

Success Secret TV  is own by Nigeria entrepreneur called Stave Currege, maybe one of the most mainstream persuasive YouTube channels with 1.1 million subscribers as of the time we write this post.

It houses probably the best persuasive and inspirational substance where experts share their personal growth and self-advancement venture.

It confers intelligence as well as stirs the spirit. These encounters help numerous all through the world to improve their lives or vocations to improve things.

2. Absolute Motivation

Absolute  Motivation is another unbelievable channel that makes video aggregations of ground-breaking addresses given by top competitors, superstars and performers. “The Meaning” including Jim Carrey, “This Is Why You’re Not Happy” highlighting Matthew McConaughey and “The Psychology of the Great” are a portion of its most noteworthy stunning recordings.

These recordings instruct how to vanquish pity in your life and be cheerful.

Accordingly, on the off chance that you are feeling discouraged and need a solid portion of inspiration, look at this channel.

Total Motivation is developing at a fast movement with 67 recordings and, starting at 2020, 1 million subscribers.

3. MotivationGrid

MotivationGrid distributes brilliant substance to support your inspiration by giving useful tidbits and motivation. These words recount the tales of extraordinary legends like Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Keanu Reeves to assist you with gaining from their life battles.

As of the time writing this post, the channel has arrived at 747 thousand subscribers  and made 42 astounding videos.

4. Life Without Limbs

The owner of this channel was conceived without arms and legs, yet he never lost his will and soul. His fantastic story took online media by a tempest, which advocated him on YouTube.

His substance is a wellspring of mental strengthening, particularly for those people experiencing comparable conditions. He motivates them to make every moment count notwithstanding having no appendages.

5. Under40TV

Stave Currege is known for his motivational speaking, entrepreneurship and corporate training. He has also published multiple bestsellers and also co-wrote the popular book series, “13 secret ”

His YouTube channel is dedicated to training educators, entrepreneurs, determined professionals, corporate leaders and under40 youths who want become successful. His videos enable them to enhance their achievements to meet their personal and professional objectives. He belongs to Nigeria.


Remember, these channels are helpful at motivating people toward improving their lives as well as business.

You can benefit from all the motivational channels I mentioned above as they can be life altering in a positive manner. Get inspired, motivated and learn from them to gain new heights in every aspect of your life.

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