Wednesday, 20 January, 2021

Top 3 Secrets No One Will Talk About In Nigeria.

In some cases troubled by negative bits of gossip, misleading statements, and disgrace, mystery social orders have assumed critical parts in the financial, political and social parts of various networks in Nigeria. Their philosophies and lifestyle some of the time help reclassify how a whole network is directed. Individuals from these gatherings are compelling and ground-breaking. Here are Top 3 Secrets No One Will Talk About In Nigeria.

1. Oil deposits location in Nigeria

The location of the exact mining for oil remains a top Nigeria government secret. But if I may ask, how does the government keep it a secret? Rumors has it that once oil deposits are found on your land and you report it, the government will then buy the land and you have to swear to keep the location a secret. The reason why the locations are kept a secret is to prevent the rich individuals from purchasing the lands to build their own wells and make big chunks of money from the oil. Thus, the information regarding the location of oil deposits is kept top secret by the Nigeria government.

2. Ingredients use to produce Coca Cola

Did you know that the formulae for making coca cola are one of the most highly guarded top secret in the Nigeria even in the world? It is so top secret that the company had to cancel its operation in India and many other countries because it would have been forced to provide their ingredient formula to the government. The company also stalled a divorce case when a wife to one of the heirs demanded his grandfather’s original formula for coca cola. The company made sure that the notes were not handed to her because the formula which would eventually be revealed to the world. In fact, only few employees know the ingredients for making coca cola. Only two employees at a time are allowed to know the secret formulae. That’s to say, These few employees have to swear by an oath that they would protect the information and keep it a secret by all means necessary.

3. Police collecting money to release criminals

The primary tools that Nigerians police should have when investigating crimes are interviews or interrogations and collecting physical evidence. They then use the information that they have collected to piece together a possible scenario as to what happened that the collected evidence will support. But opposite is correct.


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