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Three Questions for Girls to Confirm their Love for You

We have experienced relationships which we think is moving forward, but unfortunately you haven’t asked the question “does she love me”? We have also tried to escape this fate as we wonder if a girl truly loves you. Sometimes, you are in doubt if she is ready to connect her life with yours, these are questions to ask a girl to know if she is in a little be zone with you:

1. “I’m curious to see how you feel things are going”

This open-ended question is a gold mine to dig out her love perspective for you. Asking a girl to describe what they feel is also a top notch. Your lady is expected to express her feelings with you about your moments with her. If she is in love with you, she will respond positively and spend more time with you because she enjoys your company. If she notices that you care about her, she would definitely give you chance to shoot your shot.

2. “What are your goals in the relationship”

Girls are known to be very shy but a girl who answers this question brilliantly, is definitely stuck with you. This question allows her to tell you if she is enjoying the relationship, whether she would want the relationship to move on and the expectations she has for your love.

A girl who isn’t interested would definitely tell you that she isn’t into a relationship or intentionally change the topic of discussion.

3. “Do you love me”

This may seem ridiculous and surprising for a girl who hasn’t yet admitted her love for a guy. But note that asking her if she loves you is a question that gets her to open up to you, if truly she is into you. Of course no relationship will forge ahead if there isn’t love or there will be breakup in the future.

To avoid the fate of disappointment at the edge of your breakthrough in life, ask this question to clarify your love zone.

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