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The three parts of a girl she will like you to touch but you won’t know

See 3 Parts Of A Lady She Expects You To Touch But She Won’t Tell You

As someone in a relationship, it is key to understand your partner very well. You have to be able to communicate well with your partner who you are in a relationship. This makes the relationship stronger and stronger as it makes both parties happy and love each other more.

On the man’s side, men must always be ready to make his woman satisfied. Satisfying her should be your utmost priority. Most relationships get broken when the partners fail to have a better understanding of each other. Understanding your partner extends more than just talking and talking, touches are also very important. There are some parts of your partner’s body which when touched makes them relaxed and feel safe around you.
So, for guys, I am going to be listing out some of these places where a lady expects you to touch in her, but she just won’t tell you. Some of these parts are:
1. Her Head
Most ladies want this a lot. They want to feel your hands go through their hairstyle, and play with them. So, do this for them next time.
Next time you are with her, help her loosen her hair. You can even braid it if you know how, if you can’t, you can just massage her scalp. With that, you are already creating sweet memories for her.
2. Her Ribs
Ladies love to be tickled by their man. It’s their wish you have a guy who is not boring, but a playful one. Most ladies don’t want over serious spouse.
So you need to learn how to tickle her when she’s having a mood swing, or when she’s angry. Tickle her harder, make her laugh out loud, and she will never forget it
3. Her Feet
This is one of those places ladies love you to touch and massage for them. They love guys to massage their legs, especially when they’ve just finished a difficult task.
This, every guy needs to know. You need to know how to be romantic too. When your woman has just finished spending her time working all day, cleaning, and cooking, the best you can offer her is to help her clean and massage her feet.
Which other part should we have mentioned? Is there any part that should be touched harder in a lady apart from the ones mentioned above? Which of them do you do on a daily basis?
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