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The Story Of The Daughter Who Was Caught Breastfeeding Her Father For Days

During the midival ages in a one of the European countries, an elderly man was condemned and sentenced to death by hunger, this means that the man would be remanded in prison and denied access to anything edible until he dies of hunger.


His daughter who was an adult requested the government to permit her to visit her father on a daily basis. Her request was granted on the condition that she would be searched by prison officials to ensure that she is unable to smuggle in any edibles items.

She couldn’t bear to see her father’s condition, she looked at him with the caring eyes of a mother, she therefore decided to feed him with her breast milk every day.


Many days after the man was sentenced to death, the security guards started to get suspicious over the man not dieing of hunger as expected, the security guards later caught them in the act and a case was registered on the daughter.

The daughter’s nature of selflessness wins the heart of the jailer who grants her father freedom.


The painting was made by a European painter by name Hans Sebald Beham, the painting is one of the costliest European paintings.


The painting depicts the caring nature a daughter (Pero) shows her father (Simon).

The Memmelocke Statue in Botetmarkt 17, Ghent, Belgium is a classic sculpture placed on a building top which used to be the entrance to a city prison and even wardens houses.

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