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The most comon type of emotional vampire

Emotional vampires can take many forms. The five most common types of emotional vampires, identified by UCLA psychiatrist Judith Orloff in her book Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life , are the “Narcissistic” type, the “Victim” type, the “Criticizing” type, the “Controlling” type, and the “Splitter” type. These categories may sometimes overlap, so someone may fit into more than one category. There may also be other types of emotional vampires who do not fit into a category, as anyone who drains you emotionally on a regular basis may be considered an emotional vampire.

Narcissistic type emotional vampires only care about themselves. It’s useless to try to get them to care about anyone or anything else. | Source
The “Narcissistic” Type

“Narcissistic” type emotional vampires are those people who think that the world revolves around them. They often put themselves ahead of all others and never stop to see anything from anyone else’s perspective. They don’t take responsibility for their own actions but criticize others for any minor indiscretion. Narcissistic type emotional vampires are often grandiose, self-important, attention seeking, attention hogging, and hungry for admiration. They can be charming and intelligent, especially when you first meet them, but they will turn on you the second you don’t give them the attention or recognition they crave.

The Silver Bullet: Realize that the “Narcissistic” emotional vampire will never put Type
needs first before their own. Keep your expectations about this type of emotional vampire realistic. If working with a “Narcissistic” emotional vampire is unavoidable, you must show them how your requests will benefit them. It is nearly impossible to get this type to cooperate without some benefit for themselves.

The Victim type emotional vampire is a pro at playing the victim card for attention. | Source
The “Victim” Type
The “Victim” type emotional vampires are the people who constantly act as though the world is against them. They do not take responsibility for anything that happens to them and assume that everyone is out to get them. These emotional vampires continually try to make themselves seem like the victim in order to gain sympathy. They often insist that others must take the responsibility to rescue them from situations that they create for themselves. If someone won’t step in to rescue them from any perceived injustice, they think that they are being further victimized.

The Silver Bullet: Don’t give in to the “Victim” type emotional vampire’s cries for attention. This emotional vampire will do everything they can to drag you down into their drama. It is best to limit your interactions with this type of emotional vampire to avoid becoming involved in their self-pity.

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