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Texas sheriff who featured on ‘Live PD’ accused of proof altering in Black man’s demise


A Texas sheriff recognized as Robert Chody was captured Monday September 28, on charges of altering proof on account of a Black man who passed on in police care.

NBC detailed that the Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody is blamed for obliterating or disguising sound and video film that demonstrated his representatives seeking after and utilizing power on 40-year-old Javier Ambler in March 2019, as per an arraignment.

Chody’s prosecution comes from film shot by cameramen for the “Live PD” show on the night the previous mailman and the dad of two kicked the bucket following a 22-minute vehicle pursue by Williamson County agents.

Ambler’s demise and the inquiries over the decimated “Live PD” film lighted a discussion that prompted the scratch-off of the hit A&E show in June. Chody is blamed for requesting that “Live PD” obliterate the recording indicating Ambler’s demise which was rarely circulated.

Head prosecutor Margaret Moore blamed the sheriff’s specialization for “stonewalling” the examination prior this year in a tweet not, at this point accessible after the erasure of her Twitter account.

She composed;

“For the most recent year, [the sheriff’s office] has stonewalled our examination. What ought to have been a normal traffic stop finished with Javier’s demise.”

Previous Williamson County general advice Jason Nassour is likewise blamed for wrecking the chronicles “with plan to disable their capacity as proof” in the examination of Ambler’s demise.

Chody and Nassour were arraigned on a lawful offense proof altering charge and delivered on a $10,000 bond, authorities said. The two men are looking somewhere in the range of two and 10 years in jail whenever indicted.

An insubordinate Chody, addressing the media after he was delivered on bond, guaranteed the charges were politically-spurred.

He said;

“We’re here on the grounds that it’s a month prior to the political decision – my political decision.

“I think that its stunning and sickening that our lead prosecutor utilizes his office for his political plan.

“The realities are clear and left me alone clear. I didn’t mess with proof.”

Chody’s attorney, Gerry Morris called the prosecution “100% baloney”. Morris said;

“Sheriff Chody provided no organization, no heading, founded no arrangement, had nothing to do with the obliteration of any ‘Live PD’ recordings, period. There is certifiably not a solitary smidgen of proof that says something else.”

Ambler’s last minutes were caught on police body cameras, however examiners had looked for the Live PD film since it probably offered the most clear perspective on the deadly showdown. Agents started seeking after Ambler for supposedly neglecting to diminish his headlights to approaching traffic. The vehicle pursue finished in Austin where Ambler was controlled and tased in any event multiple times.

Before passing out, Ambler told the officials he had a heart condition and said he was unable to relax. Ambler kicked the bucket of congestive cardiovascular breakdown and hypertensive cardiovascular sickness related with dreary weight, in blend with persuasive restriction, as indicated by a custodial demise report documented with the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

The way of death was managed a crime. In spite of the fact that the inward Williamson County examination cleared the delegates associated with the experience of bad behavior, the agents recognized as James Johnson and Zach Camden stayed under scrutiny by Austin police and Travis County investigators.

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