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Simple ways to amaze your man

things you can do that will impress your husband. He will be thrilled that you took the time to plan and surprise him.
1. Get Him a Gift: Go out and get him a thoughtful gift and surprise him with it after he comes home from work. He will appreciate the gesture and the thoughtfulness you put into getting the gift. If you have not already done so, getting him a framed photograph of the two of you makes for a great gift and one that he will appreciate.
2. Make His Favorite Meal: Surprise him with his favorite meal, or if you are not the cooking type, take him to his favorite restaurant. The key here is to drop little hints and build his anticipation. That way his excitement will be high when you surprise him. Having his favorite food with his favorite person will make him happy, and he will be impressed at the thought and detail you put into it.
3. Plan a Trip: Depending on how big you want to go, a simple weekend getaway somewhere you can drive to can work. You can pick a secluded spot to go camping or go wine tasting, something to give you two a break from the monotony of everyday life.
4. Take Him Out on a Fancy Date: Plan a date night just like the old days when you two were first getting to know each other. It doesn’t just have to be dinner either; you can plan a fun activity, such as going to a concert or a stand-up comedy show.
A framed photograph of the two of you makes for a great gift. | Source
Final Thoughts

Of course, these things won’t always create a perfect marriage. Do the things you know makes your husband happy—and enjoy the ride that is marriage!
What do you do that makes your husband happy? Men, what do you wish your wife would do?
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