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Prostrate Enlargement What You need to do At age 60 (A Must Read)

Prostrate Enlargement is a common ailments among men, this is commonly found in the male gender from a specific age, Research indicates that when a male gender Clocks 40 years, there are some certain things to do to avoid Prostrate Enlargement What You need to do At age 60.


What are the precautions to take on prostate enlargement and how to avoid it at an early stage because the more you realize that you have difficulty to hold urine, the more damage it is causing to the body hence I am sharing you the article Prostrate Enlargement What You need to do At age 60.


Prostate Enlargement

Prostate Enlargement is the circumstance where the gland has enlarge the beyond the normal size which does not have the capacity to hold urea as a result of the gall bladder been affected with infections. This is mostly likely to occur in men as they grow older and therefore 80 – 90% of men are likely to to have this ailment if not properly checked.


Prostrate Enlargement What You need to do At age 60? It is mandatory to register for a prostrate routine checkup in any Government recommended and certified hospital in your environment to monitor the gall bladder which is the first stage of having the ailment before getting worsen.


Causes of Prostate Enlargement in Men

There is no specific cause to prostate Enlargement in men but research has shown that prostate Enlargement comes with aging and change in cell testicles and the level of testosterone.


Some of the highlighted causes of Prostate Enlargement


Comes with Aging in men, the more they age the more likely it becomes to be an affected person.

Changes in the testicles of the cell and the level of testosterone.


Symptoms of prostate Enlargement

In 2021, there are some ailment that could be detected early as prostate Enlargement in men could be avoided, some of the symptoms which can be noticed and mointored are as follows.


Regular or frequently ease of urine.

Feeling discomfort more often as the bladder does not have capacity to hold urine.

Having Amnesia as a result of frequent use of the restroom.

Swelling of the body if it has reached a critical stage.


Solution to Avoid having Prostate Enlargement

When a male gender Clocks 40 years of age, A small amount of prostate Enlargement is presence in many men, i.e there are little or small amount of an enlarge prostate in the sex organ of a male hence the need to avoid Prostrate being enlarged and at the age of 60 there are certain precautionary measures you need to take.


Prostate Enlargement what you need to do At Age 60, Here are some certain thing to take note.

Avoid taking to much of salt as it is advice to take little salt when aging.

Delay in going to toilet: This is a bad habit and should be avoided for both younger and older male, such practice of holding urine in the bladder for too long can leads to the bladder being infected and thus causing more damage to the kidney, this is more worst.

Eating too much meat should be avoided especially for the aged male because too much protein produce ammonia which means more protein more kidney destruction.

Taking soft drinks that contains soda and caffeine which is very bad for the human body, these drinks should be avoid hence more water should be taken.

It is advisable to take more and more water as the body components contains more that 70% liquid hence it is advisable for aging and aged male and female to take more fluids.

Quickly sees a consultant when you notice some abnormalities in any part of your body system hence the need to avoid Prostrate Enlargement and what you need to do At Age 60.


Prostate Enlargement: A shared Experience from Someone in 2021

An elderly man was sharing his experience some days ago about what he encounter as a victim of prostate Enlargement. Thus this article prostate Enlargement what you need to do At Age 60 is very important as I indulge you to read through this encounter am about to share with you.


The man (name Undisclosed) should be about 55 years of age when sharing his experience note that the frequency at which he passes urine at night is alarming, At first he didn’t take it serious thinking it is a normal body system adjustment not knowing he already had a prostate Enlargement.


When sharing his encounter, he said he frequently passes urine at night before dawn at least 5 to 6 times daily, this is not normal, absolutely not normal for someone to keep passing urine at odd hours when the body needs rest.



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He said to himself, it’s high time I pull a call through my consultant and he was asked to come for a prostate check up. After the Diagnosis, He confirmed that he had prostate Enlargement and the bladder is seriously affected but the kidney and liver are intact.


Oh God, He is so lucky and observant because the toxic and harmful substances that stores in the urine can damage the kidney if it’s keep accumulating and is not under going any medical treatment, this is most critical and don’t ever wish for such because it will be a terrible experience.


The consultant recommend some drugs and after taking the drugs regularly, the rate of urinating has reduce to 3 which means the enlargement of the prostate is now shrinking and there is need to follow up with the drugs which may take up to 6 months or more till the shrinking is done and everything is corrected.


Prostate Enlargement what you need to do At Age 60 is very important to always take into congnissance some precautionary measures to avoid the prostate gland being enlarged.


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