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Prophetess blamed for s3xually attacking a female attendee


A 29-year-old Prophetess from Gweru, Zimbabwe has been captured over a supposed sexual attack of a female attendee.

Prophetess Juliet Masakanire who is supposed to be the author of Pray Deliverance and Testimony Ministries International, was additionally blamed for paying off the devotee with US$16 and making a few EcoCash exchanges to get her quiet.

The supposed sexual attack casualty claimed that the Prophetess sucked her bosoms while placing her fingers in her private part on three distinct events. She likewise uncovered that they remained together and had a similar bed.

The casualty said;

“She used to give me cash each time she manhandled me. She gave me US$10, US$6, R50 and moved differing sums to my record by means of EcoCash. She said I ought to do what she needed in the event that I considered any ideas of getting hitched.”

She further claimed that she gave up her advanced mobile phone in the wake of being advised to plant a seed to get a spouse. Following Juliet’s arraignment in court, she argued not liable to the charge and is at present out on $1 000 bail.

Prophetess Juliet Masakanire denied the charge and furthermore expressed that the complainant and her companions need to discolor her notoriety and devastate her congregation.

She said;

“I was giving her cash for staple goods and different things since we remained together. She is surrounding me since they need to crush me and my congregation.”

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