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Previous BBNaija housemates are asking for N100k occupations and resting around to keep up the way of life – Media character, Harri Obi


Media character, Harri Obi has affirmed that previous BBNaija housemates are asking for N100k occupations and dozing around to keep up the way of life.

Harri Obi in his tweets, expressed that BBN VIP status is excessively whimsical and applies superfluous weight on somebody who may have traveled to the tryout setting.

He further affirmed that when the unscripted TV drama closes, the housemates are consistently in a quiet rivalry to outshine one another.

He tweeted;

The BBN big name status is excessively flighty and applies superfluous weight on somebody who just 90 days back traveled to the tryout setting. I’ve known about previous HMs that are in the DMs of each brand asking for N100k occupations, and others that rest around to keep up the way of life.

You’re a conventional individual, you jump on the show for 90 days and out of nowhere individuals anticipate that you should be flying personal luxury planes, driving Tesla, dinning at Sheraton and shaking Gucci. It’s the reason when individuals instruct me to go for BBN, I simply giggle. Cultural desires are slaughtering your faves.

I once caught a coach, the president of a major PR Agency in Nigeria, state the greatest mix-up you’d actually make as a youngster is letting yourself get brought into the Nigerian VIP vortex. It will bite and let you out before you recognize what’s happening.

When HMs go out, there is a quiet yet noisy rivalry to outshine one another; who’s getting the greatest supports? Who’s driving the best vehicles? Who’s venturing to every part of the most? And so forth. Nobody is plunking down and arranging their best course of action. Everything commotion and PR.

A previous HM from last season said she was poor and surrendered, Anto said something regarding being feeling the squeeze, Ahneeka needs fans to quit disclosing to her how to carry on with her life and Lucy had similar slants days back. No one is instructing these younglings how to be superstars.

Or then again should we talk about the serious withdrawal side effects, how the legitimacy of your popularity just keeps going 365 days and when the following arrangement of new HMs are reported, your downturn skyrockets. I wish these new folks goodluck. They don’t comprehend the world they’ve been tossed into.

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