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Plastic Surgery isn’t for the rich alone – Dr. Femi Oladeji, LekkiHill


Dr. Femi Oladeji, the Chief Plastic Surgeon at LekkiHill Hospital (Home of LekkiHill Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery) has expressed that the surgery isn’t for the rich and well-off alone the same number of accept.

In a meeting with Guardian Newspaper on Sunday, Dr. Femi noticed that plastic medical procedure isn’t vanity however a wellbeing necessity for heaps of individuals brought into the world with irregularity, mishap casualties or those with injury.

“A few people botch the chance to correct the disfigurement at beginning phase, since they didn’t realize that such treatment is accessible. Presently, as grown-up, hauling such things around is humiliating. It could be injuries, someone has a mishap or anything horrible, from battle, wounds from anything or fiasco, therefore, they have basic or useful imperfection, it is the plastic specialist that is called to fix it.

“Someone who has bosom malignant growth may require medical procedure to eliminate that disease. After such individual has been dealt with and fortunate to be alive, however needs the state of the bosom back, plastic specialists are called to reproduce a bosom for such individual.”

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Plastic Surgery isn’t for the rich alone – Dr. Femi Oladeji, LekkiHill

He further expressed that when surgeries are done well and security is viewed as first before magnificence, it restricts the pace of mortality.

“For instance in the event that someone has diabetes and there is no intentional advance to control the diabetes first, at that point there is no medical procedure.

“Now and then, some of them don’t realize they have these issues until they arrive and on the grounds that we are observing norm by checking all qualities, that is the point at which they find that they are hypertensive, diabetes and so forth just because. Somebody who is so corpulent and feels it is simply to go to LekkiHill And they would get in shape would be sufficiently exhorted.”

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Talking on the security strategy for patients and keeping their personality mysterious, Dr. Femi expressed that the clinic has a zero-capacity to bear break of protection.

“Nigerians, particularly high and top people, like to travel to another country for restorative medical procedure, since they feel no one will realize they have done it. At LekkiHill, we pay attention to the protection of customers.

“What is more critical to us is the joy of our customers and not taking brilliance that we executed the activity, so we pay attention to our customers security very. What we prime is the magnificent assistance we offer and the delight of our customers. We don’t bargain that in any away.”

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