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Nigerian men have nothing to bring to the table to autonomous ladies in a populist society — Nigerian author


A Dutchreviewing author, Chuka Phillip-Jonson has expressed that Nigerian have nothing to bring to the table to free ladies in a libertarian culture.

The author who upheld his case by sharing a female companion’s involvement with Nigeria, asserted that Nigerian men scorn it when a lady is engaged and isn’t intrigued by their riches.

His extensive post read;

LOL. I have this Dutch companion who’s blended race (half Nigerian), and visited Nigeria 4 years back, for the first run through. She revealed to me how the Nigerian men who asked her out, all continued attempting to stand out enough to be noticed by giving her cash. She thought it was unusual, so she generally gave it back.

Yet, that wasn’t what made me snicker. What made me chuckle was her discovering that separated from cash, Nigerian men have nothing else to bring to the table. What’s more, she was excessively genuine when she said that! She found that they weren’t savvy, so most couldn’t hold scholarly discussions.

“Aside from taking young ladies to eateries, brew/frozen yogurt parlors, and clubs, what else are Nigerian men useful for?” She inquired. Cos those were the spots they all needed to take her to. Furthermore, during conversations, their conclusions consistently originated from a chauvinist and sexist edge.

Something else she discovered very bizarre was the manner by which they held welcoming her to their chapels, and offering her marriage. One of them offered to wed her, on the off chance that she’d consent to turn into a housewife. They were totally astounded to find that she was neither intrigued by marriage nor having children

I’ve said this previously, and I’d state it once more. In a libertarian culture, where men can’t flex on ladies with their riches since ladies have their own cash, vehicles, houses, and so on., there’s actually nothing Nigerian men would have that these engaged and free ladies would need.

Furthermore, I’ve seen it with my two eyes. Nigerian men scorn it when a lady is engaged, and isn’t dazzled by their riches. It’s the reason they can’t stand free ladies who needn’t bother with their cash. In a relationship with such ladies, they wouldn’t comprehend how to manage themselves.

Likewise, Nigerian men scorn it when a lady doesn’t rely upon them for (budgetary) uphold. Being a lady’s supplier gives them control over said lady. So when a lady gets autonomous, they lose that power. Besides, they likewise love to brag about how they deal with their ladies

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