Wednesday, 20 January, 2021

Nigeria Only Knows How To Do These 5 Things Than Other Countries.

Some people believe that Nigerians anything, While the others countries in the world’s perception of Africa’s most populous country hasn’t always been overwhelmingly positive,  Today am going to show you 5 things Nigeria Only Knows How To Do.

Nollywood Videos

When you come to making videos, Just Hollywood and India’s Bollywood make a larger number of films than Nigeria.

Known as Nollywood, our entertainment world is enormous business – so huge it contributes 5% to public GDP.

With normal flicks produced in less than a fourteen days, Nollywood films are well known for their poor (but improving) creation esteems.

However, what they need modernity they compensate for in story lines that are an engaging window on Nigerian virtues and byzantine social elements.

Stories investigating worker ace connections, the heavenly, debasement and betrayal are conveyed with lashings of shouty, eye-protruding exaggerating.

The motion pictures attract a major crowd the remainder of Africa, where watchers from more saved social orders can delight vicariously in Nigeria’s abnormality and even get a portion of our slang.

Nigerian delicate force has never been more noteworthy.

Eating chicken to the bone

While we’re as yet regarding the matter of food, Nigerians are champions at eating chicken deep down and past.

It’s insufficient to just eat the tissue. We break the bone, suck out the marrow and beat the rest of there’s basically nothing left.

On the off chance that your chicken thigh is still forensically recognizable toward the finish of the dinner then you haven’t done it right. Abeg, finish am!

Jollof rice

This mouth-watering tomato-based rice dish is a gathering staple.

There are numerous approaches to cook it, including unlimited changes of meat, flavors, bean stew, onions and vegetables.

While it’s broadly acknowledged that Senegal designed this dish, the idea spread to West African nations.

The most eminent are Ghana and Nigeria – two countries that have competed with each other for incomparability in an endless fight known as the jollof wars.

Nigerians are the undeniable victors, obviously, presenting “progressed level” jollof that our Ghanaian adversaries can just watch and respect.


Masquerades are a colossal part of Nigerian culture.

These covered costumed figures are considered to exemplify the spirits, and fill in as a principal part of Nigerian pre-frontier strict custom.

These days they bend over as diversion and show up during weddings and celebrations, especially at Christmas time.

Nigeria has more than 250 ethnic gatherings, each with its own disguise. The covers and outfits are outwardly striking.

They can be produced using an assortment of materials, for example, grass, creature horns and teeth, and the youngsters who wear them some of the time cover their appendages in dark palm oil to hypnotizing and terrifying impact.

The masquerades travel through the towns, performing moves, aerobatic exhibition and presenting mantras.

Pursuing panicked townspeople with bows and bolts or whips is likewise essential for the convention, so prepare to move your feet.

Making the best of ‘go slows’ (traffic jams)

Gridlocks – known as go eases back – are an every day part of life on Nigeria’s streets, yet in spite of the fact that they may postpone your excursion they needn’t prevent you from finishing your day’s shopping from the solace of your vehicle. Need a few socks? Road merchants can figure you out.

They’ll likewise sell hankies, belts, books, papers, natural product, vegetables, chocolates, electrical apparatuses and even oil canvases – if that is the thing you’re pursuing.

Essentially lower your window and require their consideration.


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