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NIDCOM denies reports asserting staff of the Nigerian consulate in Switzerland called the police on Nigerian residents


The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission. has denied claims made in a viral video that staff of the Nigerian Embassy in Switzerland called the police to capture Nigerian residents.

Review that on Tuesday September 22, a video surfaced online in which a Nigerian man guaranteed the international safe haven staff sent in cops to capture them when they visited the government office for some documentation. A portion of the Nigerians who were heard yelling on head of their voices, affirmed that they had just made installments for their visas to be reestablished however the international safe haven neglected to satisfy the administration they paid for.

Responding to the video, the Head of Media at NIDCOM, Abdulrahman Balogun, denied claims.

In an announcement delivered on Wednesday September 23, Balogun said the Nigerians came into the office and when they began carrying on uncontrollable and overlooking the COVID-19 conventions of having just 10 people in a room, the Embassy’s assurance unit were welcome to reestablish request. He denied claims that cops were welcome to capture the Nigerians

Peruse the announcement underneath


Considering the above video it is basic to express the realities.

In accordance with Covid-19 conventions, the Embassy in Bern. Switzerland is just permitted to take care of 10 candidates, in any case, the Mission made it conceivable to take care of a limit of 20 every day, scattering the arrangements. Be that as it may, on this day, 64 Nigerians attacked the Nigerian mission in Bern. Just 10 of them were on planned arrangement.

54 of them had no arrangement for that day and had not made the compulsory online installment and dominant part of the candidates originated from Italy and Spain .With no meeting with no online installment.

While the Nigerian Amb. Baba Madagu was tending to them, they burst in through the front entryway and stuffed a corridor that was intended to get just 10 individuals one after another.

The mission didn’t call the Police as incorrectly expressed in the video however welcomed the Embassy Protection Unit to take quiet and dignity back to the lobby. The men of the Embassy insurance unit tended to them and those on arrangement just as the individuals who had made their online installments were taken care of while others were encouraged to follow the fair treatment, with an affirmation that everybody will be taken care of as long as the principles were followed.

We appeal to Nigerians abroad to be acceptable diplomats of Nigeria any place they are and obey laws set up.

The Nigerian mission in Bern is as yet taking care of Nigerians who follow the cycle, pay on the web and book their arrangements as specified.”

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