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Mishap casualty vanishes in the wake of being hurried to a medical clinic by an obscure volunteer


The group of a mishap casualty are requesting help in finding him after he was allegedly headed to the medical clinic by an obscure man who elected to help with his transport.

Daniel Igwe was engaged with a street mishap on Sunday sixth September 2020 at about 7:00pm along Ajah, Lekki Expressway and nobody has had the option to find him from that point forward.

As per onlookers, Daniel was wrecked by a woman who would not stop. He was thusly headed to a close by emergency clinic where he was given medical aid therapy and adviced to go to the overall clinic for full therapy. An obscure man consented to pass on Daniel in his transport and removed him. Nothing has been gotten with the man who supposedly took him to the clinic. Neither has the family had the option to find Daniel in the wake of looking through a large portion of the overall medical clinics in Lagos.

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Igwe’s family is requesting for help in finding him.

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