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Meet The Thuggest Bird And The Only Bird That Has Attacked Human As Prey

Animals can be lovely while some are scary, then some behave just similar to human in terms of characteristics. Man has in the past trained animals for several purposes such as pet, hunting, food etc.


Birds are one of the animals that man has lived with in this world and are of different types and species. Birds have their own region where they prefer to live. Although, they can migrate from one place to another for food and reproduction.

A good example of a very strong bird in Africa is the ‘Eagle’, they are found in just 3 continents on earth. Predominantly, they are found in Africa and are of different species.

One of the species of Eagle is the African Crowned Eagle, a large bird of prey found in the Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa, which lived in riparian woodlands and forests. They feed basically on mammals such as monkeys, lizards, rodents etc., it is considered the most powerful eagle in African based on the size of its prey.

The Crowned Eagle is a very large bird, although smaller to the Martial Eagle, it is about 31 to 39 inches in length (the size of 4 construction blocks), and weigh about 9 pounds.

It has a wingspan of about 5-6 ft, the wing of the crown eagle is about half it weights which gives it the fantastic maneuverability and quick attack on the forest when they hunt.


The Tarsus of a Crowned Eagle is said to be between 8-11 com long and the feet and legs are very thick and heavy with talons that are apparently quite massive in both length and width.

It is said that the Crowned Eagle is the only extant raptorial bird that has in the past attacked human beings as prey. There are records of them attacking children, in a case, it attacked a 7 years old boy which weighed 20kg, it gouged its talons through the boy’s throat and chest but the boy was saved by a woman who hit the eagle severally with a hoe.


Several other cases of the attack from the bird has been reported and documented. If you happen to go to places in the Sub-Saharan African, to be careful of the bird.

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