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Man accused of executing and dissecting his better half in Kentucky


A Kentucky man has been accused in association of the horrifying homicide of his better half who was dismantled before her body parts were pulled in bags right to south rural Markham.

Police said Melvin Martin Jr., 30, who was at first charged as a criminal took his better half’s remaining parts on a Greyhound transport to see family in Markham, voyaging over five hours with the body parts to the Chicago Greyhound station at 630 W. Harrison St.

Markham representative, Michael Taylor said in an explanation that Martin was captured on Monday at the Markham Public Library after inquisitive relatives made the disclosure.

The representative said a few pieces of the lady’s body were found in Illinois, while the other half was found in Kentucky.

‘A cut off head and other body parts were found in the packs, while police in Kentucky found the lady’s middle,’ he said.

‘Martin had been remaining with family for about seven days, and relatives got inquisitive after he asked them on at any rate two events to buy dress for him notwithstanding showing up on a Greyhound transport in Chicago hauling the sacks’.

‘Martin in the end moved the two packs to the home’s carport, and the family made the disclosure after Martin had left for the library,’ Taylor included.

Criminologists accept the sweetheart was killed at any rate 30 days back with Markham Police Chief Terry White saying the lady’s passing could be the aftereffect of a homegrown question that happened about a month prior.

When asked by police for what good reason he carried his sweetheart’s remaining parts to Illinois, Martin Jr. conveyed a stunning answer.

“He demonstrated that, as abnormal as it may sound, that he actually needed to be with in any event part of her,” said Markham police Chief.

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