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Lagos is a detestable city” – Manager of artiste who kicked the bucket in studio makes alarming cases, blames police for declining to deliver the cadaver to family


Adams Yemmy, the supervisor of one of the artistes who kicked the bucket in a studio in the Alagbado region of Lagos, on Saturday, September 12, made some alarming cases on the occurrence.

Two performers recognized as Ajibawo Lawal and Sunday Akhigbe, prevalently known as Santa Boya, were discovered dead inside a studio in Awolusi Bus stop on September 3. Six others were discovered oblivious.

They were discovered dead by inhabitants around 7 a.m, following a throughout the night execution inside the studio. The inhabitants told a police source that a generator and some hard medications were found inside the studio.

This has prompted theories that they may have kicked the bucket because of the hard medications or vapor from the generator.

Notwithstanding, Yemmy, the CEO of Darootz Entertainment took to Facebook on Saturday, September 12, to expose the alcocol and medication hypotheses. He likewise blamed the Alagbado police for declining to deliver the group of Santa Bya to his family for entombment.

Composing further, Yemmy guaranteed that the proprietor of the studio, supposed to be child of the Bale of the zone, find out about the passing of the performers than he told the police.

Sharing screen captures of Facebook posts implying that his artiste kicked the bucket from drug overdose, Yemmy portray Santa Boya as “a promising craftsman” that would have eclipsed Chris Brown in the event that he had lived.

“Mr banner mercifully look for all-powerful pardoning.. Santa Clause Boya known as Sunday Akhigbe my craftsman doesn’t drink.. he was contracted to come and produce for those craftsman. they where five in number in the studio not four as announced,”

”I was educated the proprietor regarding the studio is a parcel child of the territory.. His certainly the main individual who knows more than what we as a whole thinks about his last time they spent in his studio … police are not helpless man’s friends…. Where it counts we as a whole realize that… . I am not shock that you tune in to individuals remark without making check from close family members. Santa Clause Boya may have been harmed… with the photos we have seen…. heaps of master criticism shows unmistakably they where harmed or flushed, and Santa doesn’t drink… Do you think like me now?

”Compassionately pull back your post. I can give u subtleties of what’s appears to be hard for you. Santa Clause doesn’t drink… his a social smoker…. however, pls disclose to me that sort of smoke that slaughters with his casualty shaping from mouth? Is it boisterous? Arizona? Banku? Skonk? Igbo? Gegemu? Which one got that response? …. Shaping from mouth.

”God’s realizes what’s escaped human .. till now police wouldn’t deliver my craftsman Santa Boya corps. since the proprietor of the studio got Baba isale he was delivered the second day after he was captured. Also, data contacting us that he left the studio early that shocking day. it’s simply so grievous that we are stuck in this yeye nation and the most unfair aspect of the nation Lagos.

”Lagos is malicious city!!!. who will go to bat for my Santa Boya dead body to be delivered by Alagbado police headquarters? I am not mulling over it. Santa Clause Boya a promising craftsman tha I confide in his vocation so much that if his offering potential for success to have next to each other with Chris Brown he will surpass Chris Brown and any craftsman in the game. we lost great artist….

”Santa Clause passing is simply a question of terrible conditions. him no they drink o.. I can’t deny his social smoking propensity. Yet, drinking of liquor or something different… His consistently on room temperature water. It would be ideal if you assist me with yelling out to any individual who will enable his helpless family to recover his dead body from police morgue… So his body can be let go. My kin please Satan is human and human is Satan. No lament meeting you..

“No retreat, No acquiescence, just RE-PLANNINGS, RE-HUSTLING and certainly we will make u pleased in paradise. God rebuff all the terrible man on … No harmony for the insidious. My Santa Boya they just execute ur body not your spirit. Rest well this evening and for eternity. I love u consistently. Shola Barclays Kayode Og Boy Erukusomebody BabaNee Omoghetto Yahaya Chairmanjarasi Ijoba Jimmy ImoleAyo Olagbaju Evochi Kloud Jmax Oneboss Tiley Kuti Mandela ….kindly discover a spot on your page for him. One love”

In the interim, representative of the state police order, SP Muyiwa Adejobi, who affirmed the occurrence on Saturday, said further examination is right now being completed by the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Panti, Yaba, where the case has been moved to.

“Two were discovered dead while another two were oblivious and hurried to the emergency clinic including the administrator of the studio. Fundamental examination appeared there was a generator working. Perhaps the exhaust of the generator caused the issue yet we won’t simply state that since we need clinical aptitude to uncover it. There is no suspect for the time being on the grounds that even the proprietor of the studio was additionally oblivious.” said SP Adejobi.

Mafhuz Majeed who dwells in the territory said that different artistes were discovered oblivious inside the studio.

“No one came out from the studio while a generator was left working. Along these lines, neighbors got dubious and broke into the structure through the window. Aside from the dead artistes, they met two others in a horrendous condition. We needed to surge them to a private emergency clinic. The police have assumed control over the case and we don’t have the foggiest idea about the condition of the men in Two artistes discovered dead inside Lagos studio, others hospitalized.”

A police report acquired from the Alagbado station said the studio director distinguished as Murtala Azeez who was hospitalized has been grilled.

“We got a trouble call from an unknown guest that a group was seen combining on a studio at Alagbado where gossip had it that a few people passed on inside,” the report said.

“Endless supply of the data, police agents went to the scene, which is Coded Music Recording Studio at Awolusi transport stop. Two artistes, Ajibawo Lawal, 37, and Sunday Akhigbe, 12, were met inside the studio dead.

“One Mr Bamidele Olajide, neighbor of a similar location had before met Dare Obadina and Azeez in a basic condition. A pursuit was led inside the studio and the generator, condoms, bread and food that the perished spewed and substances suspected to be hard medications, including Indian hemp were found in the studio.

“In the interim, one Muritala Azeez, the proprietor of the studio, who is now in authority, confessed to having recruited and kept them there and recognized them as artistes who produce music for him. He further expressed that he was with them truly on the earlier night and later on the telephone with them until 2am of September 3.

Further examination is as of now being done by the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Panti, Yaba, where the case has been moved to.

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