Lady describes what occurred after NEPA took light when she was going through medical procedure in Umuahia clinic


A lady is lucky to be alive after “NEPA” took light while she was going through medical procedure in a clinic in Umuahia.

Gift Nwobodo, an author, said she found a bump in her bosom and was encouraged to eliminate it despite the fact that it wasn’t harmful.

The administration clinic in Abia state was protesting so she went to a private medical clinic in Umuahia.

She clarified that during medical procedure, she was on nearby anasthesia and was cognizant. Halfway through the medical procedure, “NEPA took light”.

She said the specialist playing out the medical procedure ran out and requested that her auntie call somebody named Ifeanyi to put on the generator. Ifeanyi returned, saying their was no fuel.

A medical attendant came in with a torchlight which the specialist utilized for the medical procedure until power was reestablished.

Gift clarified that she was gazing at the roof while everything was unfurling and she was singing Rihanna’s Please Don’t Stop The Music.

She said her experience made her need to revile Nigeria however she understood “the nation is now reviled.”

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