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“I’ll preferably pass on broke over join illuminati” Cardi B composes after her new photograph started hypotheses she has joined illuminati


Cardi B took to Instagram to share a photograph of herself while reminding the world she’s presently single. Be that as it may, the idea of the photograph prompted theories she has been started into the Illuminati.

In the photograph, the rapper is seen wearing a red latex jumpsuit with a red hairband as horns.

“Single, awful and rich. I do the controlling,” she inscribed the photograph.


Individuals remarked, guaranteeing she was in a roundabout way reporting her entrance into the Illuminati.

She responded by sharing another photograph of herself in a blessed messenger ensemble, with jewels covering her genitals and white wings standing out behind her.

“Stop with the Illuminati crap ….It was simply ensembles for a tiktok video DAMN!” she subtitled the photograph.

She included the remarks of her post: “I will never join nothing. I rather kick the bucket broke. Cash cannot accepting my confidence in God.”

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