Wednesday, 20 January, 2021

How To Share Sponsored Advert On Roladel

Roladel is affiliate site that pays it’s members for writing articles online, specified activities and promoting the Platform. In our today article am going to show you how to share sponsored advert on roladel.

Steps 1.

Login To your account by following this link roladel login

Make sure you have logged in your roladel account, scroll a little down. You will see Sponsored advert, tap on it to make it load. (you can also locate in through roladel search box or menu) As shown below.

Steps 2

Once the sponsored advert opens, then you can then select the one you wanted to share. follow by date, make sure you have not been skipping sponsored before.

Steps 3

After you open the sponsored advert Copy the title and save the sponsored advert image.

Note: You must have been told sharing sponsored post on facebook, you will need public audience. So, if your post is not on public change it because It is only on public audience mode that the sponsored advert can only be confirmed. Any other audience than that grants you absolutely zero payment.

Steps 4:

Go to your facebook timeline and post it.


This is how to share sponsored advert on roladel. Moreover, if you need practical sample to follow, watch the video below


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