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Being someone you are proud of starts with little steps and actions. Below are some of the ways to become the person you will be proud of:
Be kind to yourself.
When you try to help another person you probably don’t start with a critical diatribe at them about everything they’ve done wrong or aren’t good at. They wouldn’t find that very supportive. So why would you?
Yet, so often we speak harshly to ourselves in our own minds, despite it being a lousy strategy for self-growth and building self-esteem.
Being your own hero means stepping in when critical self-talk and negative spirals of thinking are starting up in your head. It means standing up for yourself and saying
Enough, this isn’t helpful!

Quit criticizing.
Instead, let’s focus on our strengths and what we CAN do.
Be careful with what you think.
You need to listen to how you speak to yourself in order to step in and do it better. Listen to your inner dialogue and get to know how kindly or unkindly you treat yourself every day.
The Hero in you isn’t going to stand for anymore self-bullying!
Rearrange the stories of your life.
This is the making of you as your own hero — the re-authoring, not of WHAT has happened to you in your life, but of the MEANINGS you draw from things that have happened.
All sorrows can be borne if you put them into a story or tell a story about them.
Your stories of hurts, losses and failings can become inspirational reminders to you of your resilience and survival. Focus on the strengths and wisdom that have grown in you through the difficulties you’ve faced.
The very essence of bringing out the hero in you is re-framing adversities you’ve faced as battles you’ve survived.
Take pride in your resilience.

Find your good spot.
Our greatest strengths and personal superpowers are often found in those things we’re good at, and that we enjoy — our flow. The places in life in which we find flow are reinvigorating in difficult times and build us up in good times.
My flow is in writing. It’s always been one of my places of complete immersion, where time just disappears. I’ve turned to writing when I needed to find clarity, enjoyment and a creative retreat.
Your places of flow, be they sports, arts, travels, nature or something else, feed the hero part of yourself. Flow gives you purpose and meaning to strive or play another day.
Be honest to yourself.
Finally, being your own hero means calling yourself out (kindly but fairly) tell yourself the truth, exactly as it is.
The part of you that wants the best for you won’t put up with self-defeating or soul-sucking talk and habits anymore. Being your own hero means showing yourself real love by developing your own values and staying true to any commitments you’ve made to yourself.
Do what you say you’re going to do and feel proud of yourself, confident in your character. In the end, heroes are all about intention, consistency and compassion.
Heroes have always faced pain and struggles in their past, and each have their weaknesses. Realistically, being your own hero is about being your own unshakably loyal friend, not about being super-human. It’s about choosing to rise from experiences and live each day compassionately — starting with yourself.

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