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#EndSARS: ”If you can’t take care of the work, get the f*ck!- Simi tweets as she requires a conclusion to terrible administration in Nigeria


Artist Simi took to her Twitter handle to vent early today about terrible administration in Nigeria.

Singling out all the miserable areas in the nation, Simi brought up that it is just ”underhandedness that will make a pioneer see their kin enduring this way and still rest around evening time.”

She requested that the pioneers ”get the fuck” in the event that they can’t manage the work they got into office for.

See her tweets underneath

”You asked individuals to decide in favor of u and afterward you turned away. Anything you acknowledge for the Nigerian public ought to be something you would likewise acknowledge for yourself and your kids. That is the thing that a genuine pioneer is. Furthermore, in the event that you can’t manage the work, get the fuck! #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria

The Impunity is sickening. Individuals will keep on doing whatever you let them pull off. Regardless of whether these damn chiefs don’t have still, small voice, don’t they have sense? Refuse! #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria

Spending cash for similar street multiple times. Specialists doing medical procedure in Govt emergency clinics with telephone torchlight. Numerous SS3 understudies in state funded schools can’t talk one right sentence in English. Cos u can do check up in London? Cos ur youngsters are tutoring in New York? U’re mischievous!

Consistently new spending plan. Billions designated to things that never complete! Wellbeing? Zero Education? Zero Electricity? Zero Only fiendishness will make u see ur individuals enduring this way and u can even now rest around evening time. In the event that u can’t manage the work, GET THE FUCK!

To get treatment in medical clinic, oga bring somtin You enter air terminal, madam bring somtin To escape prison for a wrongdoing you didn’t submit, sibling bring somtin To get affirmation you previously gained when you breezed through the damn test, sister bring somtin A disfavor!

Nigerians are so used to enduring since they believe it’s typical. In the event that you don’t have cash to “offer somebody” to get what you really merit, there’s practically no way for progress. Pay off isn’t pay off, it’s simply endurance.

Regular honest individuals are passing on. The dismissal and absence of significant worth for human life is astonishing. You won’t recognize them? Since u don’t have any acquaintance with them? Since the tears of their moms and fathers don’t make a difference to u? U’re mischievous. History and successors will pass judgment on u cruelly!

To believe that there are tons and tons more accounts of the Nigerian Police assaulting individuals than there are of them really ensuring individuals. God spare us.”

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