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Ekiti government denies sending troopers to upset #EndSARS fights


The Ekiti State Government has denied sending outfitted fighters to upset the #EndSARS fights that were held at the state capital on Monday October 19.

The state magistrate of data Akin Omole in an announcement delivered on Tuesday October 20, said the fighters were shipped off secure the residents against hurt and to guarantee that dissent was not commandeered.

The announcement read;

“Reports exuding from the online media that fighters have assumed control over the Ado Ekiti, the state capital and pursued dissenters with weapons as false and deluding.

“Fighters didn’t connect with the dissidents even as they blockaded most streets in the state capital all through Monday.

“The fighters were in the state to secure the individuals, including the dissidents just as to forestall criminals and scoundrels from capturing the quiet dissent by holing up behind the show to perpetrate wrongdoing and badger blameless residents.

“While the current organization in Ekiti perceives and regards the privilege of quiet get together, and truth be told, relates to the individuals on the interest for good administration, all partners must be aware of the wellbeing, everything being equal, and both public and private properties in the State.

“Honest reputable residents ought to be permitted to approach their legal organizations without prevention while there must be expected cognisance of the way that stiff-necked obliteration of properties will be adverse to the financial prosperity of the individuals.”

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