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Are You Looking For Easy Ways To Get Referral On Any Earning Platform Like NNU Income, Giftalworld, Instant Kash And many others?
If your answer is yes continue reading this post am going to show how to earn big from Referal because for you to earn big and withdraw daily from news site you have to get referral to increase your earning.
Sometimes I wonder why some people find it difficult to get referral but can chat with facebook and whatsapp friends for 2-5-5hours without getting tired.
Stop deceiving yourself with “I don’t know how to get referral” Let me ask you if you can’t tell people about your business how do you want to be successful?
Who said you cannot make ₦50,000 online don’t worry  am a living testimony as you can see some of my dashboard below 
My  My 9JACNN dashboard Read how it works HERE 
 My  GIfTALWORD dashboard    you can also read how it works HERE
If I may ask what is the benefits of having 300+ facebook  friends if you you don’t do business with them? As a smart person with smartphone you can  make steady income with your facebook account or other social networks just by sharing business opportunities to your friends not just to chat and have fun with them.
How To Ads And Get Referal 

• First thing you need to do is to create whatsapp group while creating whatsapp group make sure you give it a name  related to your business eg, Giftal online Earners, Make money on Giftalworld etc. .
• Invite people to your group and tell them what the business is all about, the easiest way to get more people to your whatsapp is by sharing your link to facebook groups or other wahatsapp groups, Go to your Google and type latest whatsapp group and join.
• Join students and business facebook groups with up to 2k members and ads your business there including your whatsapp group link such as:
Or post it with your whatsapp link like
    Let me teach how I make ₦54,000 monthly from Giftalworld using my mobile phone with just #2500.
Follow this link to join my group for presentation
 You can also run paid ads on facebook and popular forum like nairaland, sspread9ja etc.. When posting your ads on different whatsapp group avoid sparming else admin will remove you.
See how I use to post my below 👇
For more guidance CLICK HERE to chat me on whatsapp and don’t forget to share this post to your friends. If you find it useful drop your comments below
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