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Compliment her

Be genuine.
Being genuine is important when giving compliments because it really shows that you absolutely mean what you are saying. Girls can sense if you are not sincere in what you’re saying. They might not say it but they can really sense it.

Also, compliments should be done from the heart. Knowing that someone appreciates you truthfully and with sincerity makes someone really feel happy. 

Compliment at appropriate times.

There’s always a right time and a right place for everything. If she’s still talking to someone, don’t go out there and start giving out your compliment. It would look and sound rude. Compliment her when she’s not doing something else that way she can also appreciate what you said.

Make sure that your compliment is related to what you are talking about and proper for the situation. Wrong comments in a wrong situation tend to be unbecoming to girls.

 Find things to compliment about her.
Girls do a lot of stuff, find something that you know she really values or treasure. You can compliment her on the things they are passionate about, or the things they fight for. Any person would feel really happy when they know that the things they do are appreciated.

Compliment her personality; when you are on a date, try complimenting how beautiful or gorgeous she looks. Girls take time on fixing and preparing themselves on a date, so it would really make their heart flutter when they know you noticed it.

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