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Checkout Photos Of Incredible Military Intelligence Technologies Around The World.

  1. PD 100 Black Hoanet

It is actually the smallest military drone in the world. Its tiny size combined with its Exceptional performance made the PD 100 Hoanet a Nearly perfect recognition Device.

Its Advantages have already been recognized by the British army during their operation in Afghanistan. The Drone Weights only 18 grams and it is only 16 Centimeters long at the same it has 3 Cameras.


  1. GuardBot

If you need a ground base recognition device, the best option is guardbot.this device also has compass dimension and it can travel by both water and land.

The purpose of Guardbot is to patrol territories, detect explosive devices and dangerous chemicals.the robot can operate continuously for 46 hours.



IROBOT PACKBOT is one of the most popular military robot Equipments actually used by the United States military in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has some unique futures and advantages that the others don’t have.

it can be equipped with a 2 meter long robotic arm and it’s camera mounted at the end can penetrate even unaccessible areas.


  1. DOGO

The DOGO Robot is an imaginative strategic battle robot, equipped with a 9 mm Glock gun, made to fill in as a “guard dog” for troopers in the field.


  1. TIKAD

This a Sniper military robotic drone Which can provide necessary Cover and tactical advantages for troops in Combat Operations. This amazing Robot was created by Duke Robotic team.



Sea wasp is an under sea robot intended to recognize and kill submerged explosive Devices under the sea.

It can carry out the responsibility in bound zones under testing conditions. It is distantly worked from the surface and has a 5-work controller arm to situate a disruptor on its objective.

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