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Can You Do What He Did? Meet “Krantz” Who Said His Skeleton Should Be Used For A Purpose After Death

Nobody in life,before death will say he or she should not be buried after death.Even the wicked one’s,want their bodies laid in a coffin.A certain man,i will be discussing about,actually before death,said his skeleton should be used for forensic investigations.

He was a great teacher,and friend to his students when he was alive.Even in death,his skeleton is been used for educational purposes.The man conducted field research,wrote more than sixty articles,based on academics,and ten books on human revolution.This man name is “Grover Sanders Krantz”.

His story made me to know that,”Education” is not just based on the money you will be paid,when you get a job,but the positivity,you will have to contribute back to your society.He bagged a bachelor of science degree,and a master degree,in 1995 and 1998 respectively from the University of California,Berkeley.However,he hot his doctorate degree in “anthropology” from the University of Minnesota,in 1971.

He believes in the existence of mythic creatures,and tries to prove their existence.One of his research,his based on “big foot”.A big foot is also called a “Sasquatch”,it is a large,hairy creature,and higher primate between 6-15ft,and walks on two feet like a man.He believes they truly exist,and tries to prove their existence.

When he realised that his research was ignored by fellow scientists.He began to publish books on it,and frequently appeared in television.He was embraced by those ,who believed in big foot,and others who believed the idea that such a large species,could still persist in our modern world.

Unfortunately, on February 14th 2002,he died after battling with Pancreatic cancer for eight months.Before he died,he told David Hunt,”I have been a teacher all my life,and i think i might as well,be a teacher after i am dead.So why don’t i just give you my body”.

When David Hunt agreed,he further said,”You have to keep my dogs with me”.So instead of a burial,his corpse was taken to the body farm, at the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility,where forensic investigations is been studied on human decay rates by scientists.In 2009,his skeleton was articulated with one of his dog.

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