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Never loose hope, no matter what comes your way, those obstacles are only there to test you and make you stronger and more experienced, so letting those trials and temptations win is not the right way to succeed.

Be ready for whatever comes your way
Plans rarely ever work out exactly as planned.
It’s very important to have plans, and clear ones at that, but it is just as important to have a mentality that knows “I WILL FIND MY DESTINATION even if the path I am on right now doesn’t lead there.”
Not every plan will work out. Not every path will lead to your goal. You must adapt and find the paths that do. Change the plan, not the goal. Never give up on your goal, but be consciously aware of moments you must change your approach.

Be insistent.
It is so important, when times get tough, when you suffer setbacks, you have a never give up mentality…A never quit mentality that is engrained in you, because you know WHY you are doing it all.
You persist for your purpose. You know your purpose at a deep level.
You know exactly why you must achieve this milestone in your life. What it means to you. What it will mean for all those you love who witness it.

A positive mindset.
This ties in to many other points, but really, it’s the ability to give that little extra effort when you don’t feel like it, when you’re tired, when it doesn’t seem possible, when everything is going against you. When the universe is really testing you to see how bad you really want it.
There are going to be moments when life is REALLY testing you, to see if you REALLY WANT this goal. Those are the moments where most people give up, and take the most comfortable option, which is usually quitting and returning to the life they did not want. That is also the moment you must not quit.
That is the moment you must STAND UP and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Build that mental strength, build that persistence muscle – you might just discover you have so much more inside that even YOU knew yourself.
Finally, you have to believe. If you don’t believe it’s possible you’ll never achieve anything, no matter how clear your goals are. Your mind won’t allow you to engage your full efforts into anything you don’t truly believe can manifest.
If you’re lacking belief, find someone who has achieved a similar result, someone who is living or lived a similar life to you, and achieve a similar target. Study them, for reference that you too can achieve this goal you have.
If you put things together and be sure about what you want, work for what you want, set your own goals and work towards it, you will be attaining the highest of heights. And you will be in a high platform, higher than most of the people who didn’t believe in you, and you will be glad that you actually started out when you did. Though there will be obstacles, but if you persist, the positive results that you’ll get will surprise you.

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