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Before The Advent Of Toilet Tissues See What The Ancient Romans Used in Wiping Their Bottom

Passing out excrements is the final stage in the excretory system of all living things.


Right from the beginning of time man has been made to undergo this natural process of living. A healthy man’s body does not have a problem with removing the waste product from his body.

Right from the beginning of time man has always found a way to maintain personal hygiene as much as he could, because the neglect of it might cause health hazards.

Before the age of civilization, people have been taking care of their toilet business in a negligent and very strange way.

Ancient history reported that there was a time people used stones, cobs, and even their bare hands to clean their anus!

Our focus here is how the ancient Romans used to handle their toilet business.

Before the popularity of toilet rolls in the late 1890s, people pay less attention to personal hygiene.

During the ancient Rome era, people used a sponge on a stick called TERSORIUM to wipe their anus. It was either before or after it was deep in a pail of vinegar or salt water.

This same tersorium that was shared among public toilet user, was also used to clean the same toilets!

The ancient Romans never adhere to personal privacy while pooing.

Public toilets were like communal centers were sitting right next to each other was the norm rather than the exception.

One tersorium-anus-wiping stick could be shared amongst different occupants that were using the public latrine in total disregard of anal hygiene.

No wonder there were series of the outbreak of different diseases that were equivalent to pandemic proportions during that era.

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