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BB Naija housemate Kiddwaya became irritated with Nengi and he went to Ozo, requesting that he caution her.


Nengi had tossed a plastic jug at Kiddwaya and obviously, he didn’t think that its amusing, so he answered to Ozo, who is impractically intrigued by Nengi.

“I’m tired of you,” Nengi said as she tossed the container at Kidd.

Addressing Ozo, Kiddwaya requested that he caution Nengi to keep away from him. He included that he’d have thumped her in the event that she were a kid.

“On the off chance that that was a kid, I’d have f**king broken his nose. In the event that that was a person, I’d have f**king beat him up,” Kiddwaya told Ozo out of resentment after Nengi tossed the container at him as he lay on his bed.

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“Ensure she keeps away from me,” Kiddwaya included.

Ozo answered, telling Kiddwaya, “It’s you and her since the very first moment; since we came here.”

However, Kidd answered: “no, e no arrive at now. Does she know who the f**k I am? How might she be remaining there tossing the container how often? Would she be able to attempt that outside?”

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