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Avoid asking a lady these 3 questions if you are interested in her


Just as a nice question can lead to sweet conversation, so a wrong question can turn a good conversation into something else, or make thing difficult for you.

Therefore, if you are trying to build friendship with a lady based on your interest, don’t ask her some of the questions below

  1. Avoid questions about her past relationships: you dont know what she experienced in her previous relationship, you don’t know if she is just regaining herself back from the experience. As time goes on, she will be one to tell you a few things about her past. So asking her this question will make her feel bad and will spoil your communication with her.

  2. Don’t ask her questions like ‘do you have someone?’

If you ask such question, what do you expect her to say? If the lady says yes, that’s the end of your interest. You are the one already having feelings for her, not she. So she can easily push you away if you ask that question too soon.

  1. Asking a lady if you can call her

It will look like you are asking for permission to call her. Be bold and put her on call when you know she is less busy.

There are other things you should also avoid while having conversations with a lady. These are things she might not like and you need to avoid them.

  1. Avoid turning a conversation into argument.

  2. Asking a lady of her age.

  3. Laughing out loud when she is telling you something.

The way you associate with a lady matters alot because one good question leads to another and it help both individuals to feel comfortable.


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