About spread9ja

SPREAD9ja is nigeria and world news company and development of upcoming artist website with a primary focus on Nigeria and world coverage.

We focus on quality that is educating, entertaining, informative and helps our users including upcoming artist that discover their inner talent. Our company  will be aimed at empowering people to create the opportunity for themselves and for others, especially in Africa.

How are we going to help you 

The discovery of talented music artists in the past years was a rigorous exercise especially in developing countries like Nigeria. So, it’s spread9ja responsibility to help artist showcase their talents especially in Nigeria.  It still hinges on a traditional media model, a situation, which creates limited access, ambiguous criteria and lack of transparency, as opposed to a digital-based platform which provides more transparency, equal access to contestants and eliminates stage fright.

What are our  plans for the upcoming artists

All talented music aspirants all over the country will be able to upload their music on our website and showcase their talents to billions of people on our different social media and industrials, put themselves forward for a fair and transparent selection process.

Spread9ja is a powerful AIbacked platform which will be sitting right there in users’. It will serve as a contest platform for music talents in Nigeria and all over the world.

Spread9ja is an celebrity gist organization, growing novice and We are non-partisan. We also report stories as we find it without any political or ideological leaning. We are a mission based people dedicated to serving the public interest by providing access to accurate, insightful information about events.

As a company, we leverage the power of technology to harness the possibilities of digital technologies to expand access to opportunity for people who live in developing economies like Africa’s.

Spread9ja reaches an influential audience of approximately billions readers each weeks in many countries and territories. We reach an audience that is young, affluent and highly educated. For more info email us on support@spread9ja.com.