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12 ways to win a girl’s heart

Ready to unlock the secrets to a woman’s heart?

These are 12 ways to win a girl’s heart

  1. Make her believe she can trust you

A girl has to trust you in order for her to feel safe to open up to you.

If she feels you are unreliable and untrustworthy, then she is going to shut down her feelings toward you.

Most women have had experiences where they poured all of their heart into a relationship only to be walked all over by their man.

So, she is not going to readily open up to you, unless you demonstrate through your behaviors that you are someone she can rely on.

The question is, what can you do to build trust?

The simplest way to build trust is to do things that you promised to do.

When you tell her you are going to show up at a certain time, then show up at that time.

When you promise to take her out to dinner, then take her out to dinner.

Your actions will speak the truth.

It is also crucial that you do not hide anything from her when she asks you something.

No, this does not mean you should let her go through your phone and share all of your passwords.

But, when she asks what you are up to, or who you are hanging out with, answer her questions without holding any information back.

When you have nothing to hide, and you do not hold anything back, there will be a conviction in your words, and she will trust you.

  1. Surprise her

Studies show that we feel a much greater emotional high when someone does something for us unexpectedly.

Our brain stops responding strongly when things become stale and predictable.

When you do things the way you have always done, or when you say the same things you always say, you will become predictable in her eyes, and she is going to lose interest.

Think about any of your past relationship and why the initial sparks died down after some time.

Isn’t it mostly because you felt like you have already done and seen everything you possibly can with the girl?

If you want to maintain her interest and win her over, it is important you change things up every now and then to disrupt what her brain expects from you.

And this does not have to be something crazy.

It can be as simple as calling her at times she does not expect you to call, or it can be surprising her with a random gift, when it is not a special occasion.

This will arouse strong emotion in her, and she may start to fall for you.

  1. Make deep eye contact

Sometimes, you do not need to speak a word.

It is enough to simply look deep into her eyes and communicate your feelings by the way you look at her.

Many men are terrified of letting that tension to build up, and they are quick to break it by looking away.

You want to be the man who can stay relaxed and composed despite the build-up of tension.

When I am on a date, I occasionally hold eye contact with a girl, without saying a word.

This often puts a girl in her head, and she may start to wonder if she is good enough for you.

When a girl asks why you are looking at her without saying anything, you can simply let her know you enjoy looking into her eyes, and she will love you for it.

In order to practice your eye contact, practice holding eye contact a little longer than what you are comfortable with, as you go about your day.

When a girl looks at you, hold that eye contact instead of abruptly looking away.

Over time, you are going to feel at ease while you lock your eyes with others.

  1. Be on your purpose

There is nothing sexier to a woman than a man who tenaciously goes after what he wants.

Women want you to care for them, but they do not want to be the center of your life.

A woman wants a man, who is happy with his own life, and he doesn’t need her, but he still wants her in his life.

Think back to the last time you had anything handed to you without putting any effort into it.

Did you appreciate what you got?

You most likely didn’t.

But, if you have to work for something, then you perceive it as having more value, so you do not take it for granted.

The man who makes a woman the center of his life is inevitably going to make a mistake of giving her a little too much attention and care, when she may not deserve it yet.

When you do this, not only is she going to lose respect for you, but you can also say goodbye to winning over her heart.

You are not going to cater to every one of her needs when you become a man who is on his purpose and happy with his life,

You will only want to hang out with a girl if you feel like she is worthy of your time and energy.

  1. Do not pressure her

The pressure is one of your worst enemies if you want to seduce a girl.

When a girl feels like you are pressuring her to be different than who she truly is, she is going to resent you and shut down her heart.

You want a girl to feel light and carefree around you.

If she enjoys making a silly joke, then let her make a silly joke (as long as she is not disrespecting you or others around her).

If she enjoys treating herself to unhealthy food every now and then, then let her do that instead of trying to lecture on how to eat healthily.

You also do not want to be overly critical and judgmental of what she does or says (unless she crosses your boundary).

When she feels like she constantly has to audit her action and words around you, she is going to dread spending time with you, rather than looking forward to it.

  1. Show respect to her family and friends

If you are planning a future with a girl, then it is important for you to treat her family and friends with respect.

It will show that you actually care for her on a deep level than just on a superficial level.

You are indirectly letting her know you don’t take this relationship lightly and you respect her and the people around her.

In my first relationship, I made a mistake of not treating my first girlfriend’s parents very well.

For whatever reason, I felt like her mother was always judging every one of my behaviors, so I was not my usual friendly self in front of her.

She obviously could feel this, and she wasn’t too pleased with me either.

Whenever my girlfriend and I would have a fight, her mother would essentially add fuel to the fire by subtly implying that she should break up with me if I’m making her unhappy.

Needless to say, I made that relationship a lot more difficult than it needed to be by not being so kind toward her mother.

On the contrary, if a girl’s family and friends are on your side, they can make your life easier by taking your side when you and your girlfriend get into a fight.

So, don’t neglect people around her!

  1. Call her instead of texting

Just trust me on this. Pick up your phone and talk to her instead of sending her words over text.

When you do this, you are going to stand out among a sea of men, who hide behind their phones to try to get a girl out.

I remember when I went on a date with this Latina, and the date went alright but nothing spectacular (mostly due to me being stressed out from work and not really being present in the moment when I was with her).

When I wanted to see her again for the second time, I decided I would just call her instead of wasting my time over text.

Long story short, she showed up for a second date, and we ended up seeing each other for a while.

She later confessed she actually did not feel like seeing me again after the first date, but the fact I called her made me stand out in her mind, and she was excited to see me again by the time our call was over.

So, do not hesitate to call her because that may very well be a ticket to winning her heart.

  1. Do activities that give emotional highs

Whatever emotion she feels when she is with you, she is going to associate that emotion with you.

If she constantly feels positive, carefree, and excited around you, then she is going to want to spend more time with you.

One way to help her feel these emotions is to do something that gives an emotional high.

It can be as simple as riding a rollercoaster together, or you can even go for skydiving if you are more on the adventurous side.

Her brain is going to associate the emotion she feels during these activities with you, and her feeling will grow stronger.

On the flip side, you also want to be mindful of how this can backfire,

If she constantly experiences negative feelings when she is with you, she may want to stop spending time with you even if you are not the one who directly induced that negative emotion in her (e.g. your friend disrespecting her, or a rude waitress at a restaurant).

  1. Invite her to places where you shine the most

What are your strengths? Where do people respect you the most?

Are you a good public speaker? Or maybe you are a great athlete?

These are the questions that can help you figure out where you will have the best chance of winning a girl’s heart.

Girls want to be with a man that they can respect and admire.

A woman will get turned on when she sees you focused on doing what you are best at and excelling at it.

If you are a public speaker, you can invite her to one of the speaking gigs.

When she sees you exuding confidence while commanding attention from the entire room, her heart will open up to you like it never has for anyone else.

For me, the gym was my forte.

I spent a lot of time at the gym because the Olympic style weightlifting was one of my big passions.

And I was my strongest and the most attractive self when I was at the gym, which made it very easy for girls to feel attraction toward me.

So, ask yourself where you shine the most.

  1. Travel together

Traveling together to places where you guys have never visited is going to help you form a much stronger bond with your girl.

You guys are going to have to work as a team when you are traveling to a country where you don’t know anyone and don’t speak the language.

The challenges and struggles you have to overcome together are going to help you feel much closer to each other.

When you can make her feel like it is “you and her” versus “others”, such as when you are traveling to a foreign country, she is going to feel like she’s known you for years, although you guys may have known each other for just a short period.

  1. Listen and care

It is probably lame advice for those who are used to hearing dating advice from a pick-up artist.

But, it goes a long way to actually give a crap about what she says and how she feels when she is with you.

Yes, it is true girls do not want to be with a man whose entire life revolves around her, but she wants to know he is going to be there for her when she really needs him.

You want a girl to know you don’t need her for you to feel content, but you also want her to know she is special compared to every other girl in your life.

So, what can you do to help her feel this way and win her heart?

The answer is to actually be present when you are spending time with her.

Don’t check your phone every two to three seconds, or talk about other attractive girls.

Don’t go rambling about everyone that ticked you off at work.

Ask her how she is doing, and give your undivided attention when she is there sitting in front of you.

When you do this, she will understand you care about her.

  1. Touch her affectionately

Physical touch can be incredibly effective when it comes to winning a girl’s heart.

No, I’m not talking about spanking her behind inside the club or grinding on a girl on the dance floor without her permission.

That is probably going to get you slapped across the face by a girl.

But, I am rather talking about using your physical touch as a way to communicate your affection toward her.

For example, when a girl is stressed out, you simply resting your hand on her back and comforting her can often do a lot more than any words you say to cheer her up.

Do not hesitate to give her a nice, warm hug when she is feeling anxious.

There is a reason why a baby monkey becomes attached to a machine with a fur coat as opposed to a machine that dispenses food.

We all crave for that warmth from another person.

Touch her intimately in a way that makes her feel like she can rest her soul in your arms.

When you can do that, you will never have to wonder how you can win a girl’s heart

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