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10 superpowers Monks have in real life.

  1. They can maintain their body temperature.

Maintaining Body Temperature. After some research was conducted, scientists discovered that these monks actually have the ability to decrease their metabolism and raise their body temperature. They are able to achieve this through meditation, Tibetan Monks have been found out to be able to raise the temperature around their fingers and toes as high as 17 degrees Fahrenheit… This is not something a regular person does!


  1. Walking on water.

Shi Liliang grew up with the dreams of being a monk someday and somehow he decided to have his dreams actualized. Since he joined the Monks, he has started practicing being able to walk on water. He spends everyday running on water with iron bars on his feet. Within a span of 9 years, he can now walk 400 feet on water with the help of wooden boards for buoyancy, he spend about a second on these boards as he prances across the surface of water. He is the only monk with this ability in China.


  1. Tremendous amount of strength.

Scientists have also discovered that through meditation, fasting, psychedelics and static dancing, these monks exhibit an amazing level of strength not known with the regular human being.


  1. Throwing needles through glasses.

You might think that this one is simply, but perhaps you should give it a try and see just how ‘simple’ it is. Shaolin Monks can throw a needle through a glass, as in the needle will break that glass, imagine the force exerted into throwing such a needle, definitely not something for me and you!


  1. Finger skills.

If you’ve ever seen them doing this skills, don’t try it at home, it’s not as easy as it appears to be. Some Monks have mastered the ability to rest their entire body weight on just a finger, can you do that?


  1. Iron Crotch.

There have been stories that a man being kicked in the nether regions is something quite comparable to the excruciating pain a woman feels during childbirth. Hit a monk as much as you want down there, he doesn’t feel a thing!


  1. Tree hugging.

Monks can literally wrap their bodies around tree trunks, it’s not as easy as you think, this skill mastered after years of training! This skill is very applicable during fights and can cause fatal injuries to their opponents.


  1. Iron Head.

Can you imagine ramming your head into a wall and nothing happening to you? Well Monks have mastered this skill too. They wrap their heads with layers of silk and towel. They use the silks as a protective shield during the years of training, they gradually decrease the number of layers till their heads are now completely bare. They can then hit their heads against a wall without it causing them any harm!


  1. Iron Shirt.

Mastering this skill took them years of practice. With time, they’ll be able to hit their skins and bodies with iron hammer and not feel any pain or damage to their skins.


  1. Skill of Light Body.

This skills gives them the ability to not exert their full weight on anything, they can move as freely and lightly as a bird, this actually sounds classy and beautiful but it’s not something for just about anyone to do!


  1. Diamond Finger.

This diamond finger is also referred to as Buddha finger. It is the art of training one particular finger, and giving it that ability to cause damage or posses tremendous amount of strength. Once they’ve finished with the training, they’ll be able to do stuffs like create a hole in someone’s chest or break a stone with just a finger!


  1. Sixth sense.

We’ve always heard of people with sixth senses, well as for monks theirs is beyond the normal level. Through meditation and much training, they are able to tell when something is about to happen or to pick out sounds from around them that an average person probably wouldn’t have heard.


  1. Endurance.

This is undoubtedly a point that cannot be over emphasized, Monks have an amazing level of endurance when compared with what an average person can take.


  1. Iron Bull technique.

This technique come in handy especially during fights, it’s the ability to harden the stomach muscles to withstand blows or even possible stabbing, can you imagine having such power?


  1. Pain threshold.

Can you imagine sitting in a hot oil and literally not flinching? Isn’t that the perfect definition of torture, however some monks can sit comfortably in a hot boiling liquid without doing as much as flinching, although these sounds quite impossible scientifically, well these monks have done alot of things that literally kicks against scientific laws or research!

We’ll say Superman, Batman or Iron man were quite impressive, but I don’t think they can actually do half of the things these monks are doing, do you think you can go through their training? Would you love to these kind of strength?

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