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10 reasons we should make relaxation our goal

10 Interesting Facts About Relaxation

  1. When you are stressed, your breathing changes and restricts the amount of oxygen entering your body. This can create a number of problems, of course. Learning how to relax and, thus, allow more oxygen into your body can have many major health benefits.

  2. For many people, listening to relaxing music can be enough to lower significant levels of stress. Oddly enough though, what is considered relaxing can differ vastly from person to person.

  3. When a group of 100 people were polled regarding their relaxation habits, 40% reported that they never purposefully set aside time for relaxation.

  4. Again, of those 100 people, 45% reported that they have a difficult time relaxing at all. Being stressed and stretched thin by our hectic lives can make even basic relaxation seem difficult.

  5. Relaxation is though to be categorized into three different types: mental, physical, and transcendental.

  6. Taking even a minute or two to consciously relax between tasks can greatly increase your ability to focus and concentrate on tasks at hand.

  7. Laughter, even deliberately induced laughter, not only provides emotional satisfaction, but also significant physiological benefits and relaxation.

  8. Those who purposefully set out to relax their minds and bodies (i.e. meditation) are found to be less stressed by small struggles of daily life.

  9. When you are relaxed, your heart rate is slowed to a slow, resting rate. This gives your heart a chance to rest and gives your body a chance to refresh itself from the stress that it usually carries.

  10. Those who take time to regularly relax report fewer headaches and pain than those who don’t make time to relax. Relaxation – the best pain reliever!

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