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Why Some Rich People Become Poor In Nigeria

Trust me, I comprehend this inquiry more than you envision . In Nigeria, it seems like the all the more an irritation you are, the more abundance you’ll have. I wouldn’t make reference to names, however we as a whole know a ton of rich government officials, musicians,footballers, entertainers, big names and even that loud person around the local who remains at home smoking throughout the day and changes vehicles consistently.

With all the hotshot, you’d be amazed to see that in a couple of years time they lost all their riches. This has gotten very common.Some gotten destitute and need to ask in the city to win a living, some have kidney, liver disease or malignancy and dispatch pledge drives ,some wind up heading out to another nation due to the disgrace. It continues forever.

Here are why many rich people in Nigeria get poor 

Living pompously : Most individuals need to get rich just to flaunt, despite the fact that many won’t concede it,this is the thing that propels them.They wind up going through the cash quicker than they win it.

The cash was gotten wrongfully : Most of these folks likely took the cash in government , did some sort of extortion, drugs, Oil bunkering and so forth My point here is that the cash wasn’t developed naturally, the individual has been taking for quite a long time and when their wellspring of abundance runs dry, it doesn’t take some time before they hit absolute bottom.

They failed to invest: Most Nigerians don’t put or trust in speculations, ventures take years and we aren’t extremely quiet individuals .So all things considered, they center around expanding their income and spending sumptuously.

Absence of instruction : They may have the cash, however they neglect to encircle themselves with the correct individuals, they encircle themselves with fowls of same plume and ponder young ladies, liquor and medications. They picks some unacceptable good examples and sooner than they know ,will wind up like them.

Lack of financial education : This one is easy,even the Bible says “A nitwit and his cash will before long head out in different directions” ,cash doesn’t stay by karma, it takes information to oversee riches, something these bombastic unskilled people need.

Taking counsel from wrong individuals : Most of them accept exhortation from individuals such as themselves who before long assist them with wasting their riches. A visually impaired man can’t lead another visually impaired man.

I’m speculating you aren’t an illiterate,don’t commit these equivalent errors the majority of them make .



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