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The doctor advised her father to take her home to die peacefully but she did not die

At nine years old Zubaida was leaving with her family.She lived with her two parents and eight siblings in farah province in Afghanistan.Zubaida had her body damaged in a fire and her body and face was never the same again.Thanks to doctors who fixed her and she looks better than ever .The doctors did an amazing job.


On that fateful day,Zubaida was pouring kerosene into an indoor cooking stove which was hot.The fuel ignite and she caught on fire and sustained burns on her face,neck chest and arms.

When fire was extinguished,her father rushed her to a nearby medical provider where she was given first aid and ointment but her condition worsened and her father saw it better to take her to iran for treatment.


She was admitted to a hospital for 20 days and then discharged where the doctor advised her father to take her home so that she may die peacefully.However Zubaida did not die but her injuries resulted to horrible disfigurement,severe functional impairment and a crippled self esteem.

In 2002 Zubaida’s father sought help from the Americans professionals where she was taken to American army base in Kabul.She met with American army doctors who decided to contact US state Department to see what can be done.


The department contacted doctor peter Grossman,a plastic and reconstruction surgeon at Grossman burn center in California .Zubaida was taken to Grossman burn center in America for treatment.She completed 12 major surgeries over course of one year within a short period of time.

The transformation was astounding and she was able even to begin school at round meadow elementary school in Calabasas for the first time in her life .She learned to speak English in 12 weeks.


She attended psychotherapy and physical therapy and developed a lot of friends at school.Zubaida says she would like to be a pediatric doctor so she may rebuild her country when she grows up.So many people came forward to help her and give her something that she was almost robbed of ,her childhood.Virtually all who came into contact with her,gravitated towards her,sorrowful over her tragedy,amazed by her courage and reveling in her transformation.

Zubaida will always be scared because of what she has passed through but when you meet her in person you will be amazed by her vibrant and how beautiful she is.We should never loose hope,be strong and keep fighting,no one knows about the future,we just plan for it.The goodwill of man kind is truly inspirational.

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