Sujimoto Bags Tech Times’ Africa Linkedin Corporate Brand Awards, 2020 Amongst Other Giants


We feel lowered to be assigned among Africa’s best corporate goliaths, any semblance of Mr. Value, Stanbic IBTC, Alan and Grant, Zenith bank, Dangote gathering, GTBank, to make reference to a couple. This can be compared to the narrative of David and Goliath with a 21st century bend. A story of how we went from the base to the top in under about fourteen days and an emphasis that everything you require to accomplish enormity is ingenuity, difficult work and determination.

Being place on a platform as this is one we acknowledge and don’t underestimate. Winning this honor is in accordance with the way of thinking which we set up Sujimoto on. We established it on the standards of Diligence, Integrity, Quality and Customer Addiction. We had no rich Uncle or an affluent Aunty to bankroll us. The sum total of what we had was our fantasy and an energy to reclassify extravagance living in Nigeria.

Sujimoto Bags Tech Times

Regardless of whether by simple incident or plan, we were put at the base of the pyramid. We drew motivation from the statement “they attempted to covered us, however they didn’t realize we were seeds” and like an Iroko tree, we got through the ground and developed, not neglecting to watch the Covid-19 social removing rule even in the opposition by giving an edge of more than 3,000 focuses!

At the point when we saw the huge brands, we didn’t accept we could push so hard and guarantee the top position yet the expressions of our MD/CEO, Sijibomi Ogundele repeated in our ears, “to be second is to be last” and we had the option to “Usain Bolting” different chosen people.

This would not have been conceivable without the assistance of our devotees, colleagues, customers, companions, and well-wishers both home and abroad, who casted a ballot determinedly.

LinkedIn, being a stage that reconnects great fellowship, helped in conveying the assignment story to a companion of our MD/CEO in Australia, whom he has not found over the most recent 7 years. In addition to the fact that he voted, he went the additional mile to energize others to do in like manner. Among the various individuals who casted a ballot was an ex from France.

This honor is an update that there’s no respectability in unremarkableness and that once you apply determination and difficult work to all that you do, winning gets unavoidable.

We utilize this medium to thank our kindred chosen people, who we see as our Corporate tutors, for all the astounding work they are doing and how they are establishing the tone in their different businesses.

We see the enormous help we delighted in from one and all as an uncommon benefit and we state a BIG ‘thank you’ to the individuals who went all out to help us. Genuinely, the determined man will remain with Kings and not simple men.

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