Roladel review: Real or Scam, Read This Before Joining

Before I go further, I would tell you that this is not paid review. It’s what I have confirmed from this platform. So, either way you cross and find this review, it’s personal opinion. Though, this post will be updated from time to time. So are free to bookmark this post and keep checking back.

What is Roladel talent world

Roladel talent world an online affiliate advertising business whereby members get paid for doing exercises like perusing of news, sharing of sponsored advert, and so forth it was established by Nwakpa Emmanuel chinwendu 25th of March, 2020.

This lucrative open door is available to everybody. Possibly you are an understudy, compensation workers or an alumni, in the event that you are a web client, at that point you can join and begin bringing in cash on the site.

Is Roladel Legit Or Scam

I understood this is main question that you may like to ask. Well, Roladel is real. Is registered platform with valid registered number under CAC Nigeria. Now, I know your question “is Roladel legit ? ” is answered. It’s real and members get paid paid straight into their bank account.

I believe you would have seen different payment screenshot on the internet and many may come from social media like facebook, twitter or instagram, and since not all payments screenshot are real, I think posting one here might not be necessary. But, if you think it is, then check this two below.

Does Roladel Pay Without Referral

Everybody want to know if Roladel truly pay without referral because most sites of this type need referral before they can pay. Unfortunately, for some members, getting downlines might be tough at times and seeing your earning on your dashboard without being able to withdraw to bank account due to referral.

I can not that grantee roladel will pay without referral. However, some members do say that Roladel pay them without referrals.

What You Should Know About This Platform ( Roladel Review )

I think it’s time to explain everything you need to know about Roladel platform before an attempt to consider participating the platform.

You would have seen review online saying that roladel is real and not scam, well, with Spread9ja opinion according to research,  Roladel is real, it’s just my opinion you can choose yours.

Now you may like to ask,

Should You Register On Roladel

It’s left for you; I just let you know this before joining the platform. But I advise you to take advantages of this platform if you wish.

How Does Roladel Works

You make money on Roladel by doing various activities which include logging daily, sharing sponsored advert, referring etc.

Here’s How You Can Earn On Roladel 

• You earn instant ₦1000 as welcome bonus once you registered.

• Daily login and sharing sponsored advert give you ₦100.

• Posing on the their website give you another ₦100.

• Comment  on any post give you ₦5 per each.

• Each person you register with your link give you bonus of ₦1400.

Apart from this they claimed to offer all registered members more benefits like teaching them how to create website, how to create animation videos etc.

How Much Is Roladel Registration

To become a member of Roladel you need one time payment of ₦2200. After that, you can start making money on the website.

As you can see the earnings features are easy and you can earn as much as possible. The platform is also available in other countries not only in Nigeria.

How Can I Register For Roladel

Roladel registration is easy to do; you can register on the platform without any difficulties.

There are different ways to register on the website, you can use coupon code or debit card, you can also  tell someone to register you with his/her earnings.

To register, follow the steps below.

• Visit the website Registration form 

After that,  you will have to fill the form currently with your full details.

Finally, click register and you account will automatically registered and approved.

This platform works with fluterwave, skrill, PayPal and  Bitsika, this make it possible for foreigners to make payment. Also, they can make payment through bitcoin too. The platform can pay their earnings through bitcoin or PayPal.

Roladel App 

This platform has Official App that can help you to access your account easily. The app can help you to keep watching your earning on daily basis. Download the app on playstore 

Summary Of This Review

How Can I Register Someone On Roladel And Get My Referral Bonus?

To register someone and get your referral bonus, all you have to do is to sign in to your roladel account and copy your referral link from your dashboard. Then paste it on your browser and fill all the form requirements. After that, you will get your referral bonus authomaticaly.

How Do Roladel Pay ?

The platform pay their users RAI earning on daily basis with minimum of ₦4,200. ROI pays every month with minimum of ₦5,000. Roladel always announce their ROI withdrawal date and time on their facebook group.

How Much Can You Earn On Roladel 

The amount you earn on roladel depends on you and how serious you are. For instance, it depends on how many post you submit, how many people you refer etc. So, I would conclude that the amount you could be earning on the roladel is best to known to you.


Roladel is a platform that really pay members for doing simple activities on the website.

Everybody read news online, and I believe if you could be earning for doing so, then why not try it. The platform also pay high high affiliate currently compare to similar sites. They will always pay you directly to your bank account.

I believe you learn many things about this Roladel Review.

If you want to ask question, then drop it on the comments box below. Also, if you find it useful  don’t forget to share it on social media using our share button.

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