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Police capture presumed kid dealers in Anambra and salvage eight taken youngsters


The police in Anambra state have captured five individuals from a kid taking/dealing partner working in the state and safeguarded eight taken youngsters suspected to have been taken from various states including a fifteen-year-old pregnant young lady.

Police capture speculated youngster dealers in Anambra and salvage eight taken kids (photographs)

In an announcement delivered today September 15, Haruna Mohammed, the representative of the state police order, said on Sunday, September 13, police analysts appended to Onitsha Area Command got a knowledge report on the unlawful exercises of individuals from the organization. As a team with the Command’s State knowledge Bureau(SIB), the police investigators captured five individuals from the organization. They are distinguished as

Police capture speculated youngster dealers in Anambra and salvage eight taken kids

(I). Mrs Joy Lazarus ‘f” matured 40years of NO. 138 Urata region Aba, Abia State,

(ii) Janet Gideon ‘f” matured 22years of No. 12 irete Street Owerri, Imo State,

(iii) Gideon Bobby Gods power ‘m’ matured 26years of Port Harcourt in River State,

(iv) Wisdom Ndubuisi ‘m’ matured 26yrs of Chokosho Village PH, Rivers State and,

(v) Chukwudima C. Nwogu ‘m’ matured 29years of No. 138 Urata zone Aba,Abia State.

Haruna said the suspects work in kid grabbing, youngster taking, and dealing from various pieces of the nation particularly South East and South-South Geo-political zones.

”Primer Investigation uncovered that the youngsters (five young men and three young ladies) were taken from Rivers Bayelsa,Imo, Abia and Anambra States both at firearm focuses and through taking after which they were offered to the boss in Abia State.” he said

Haruna said upon cross examination, the speculates intentionally admitted that they generally take the kids and bring to their support, Mrs. Bliss Lazarus of Urata in Abia State who supposedly purchases the youngsters at the pace of between 200 and 400,000 (#200-400,000) naira relying upon their age and s*x.

Haruna included that further examination uncovered that notwithstanding Child Stealing and dealing, Mrs. Happiness Lazarus likewise draws underage young ladies into having pregnancy after which she will purchase the youngsters from them following conveyance. He said eight offspring of different age sections were protected from the organizations including a year and half old child as of late grabbed from the parent at gunpoint in Orlu, Imo State just as a 15years old pregnant young lady.

The police representative said all the youngsters are in defensive consideration and would be given over to the social government assistance office for custodial consideration. He included that the speculates will be summoned in court soon.

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