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Nutritional And Health Benefits Of Suya Spice Food

The Suya Spice (native name – Yaji) is a delicious meat spice, which originated from the Northern Part of Nigeria. It gradually began to gain popularity within the other parts of Nigeria when Mai Suya, meat gurus who specialize in preparing shish kebab (skewered meat) with suya spice, started making it from their mini stands at night and sold it at an affordable price. This has led it to become one of the most sort after night snack in the streets of Nigeria.

Suya (skewered beef) mixed with suya spiceSuya(skewered beef) mixed with suya spice as a night snack

And it didn’t stop there, because other Africans wanted to have a taste of this delicacy, after hearing its tales. The spice is now a popular ingredient used in various parts of the world to grill roasted meat.

Suya spice is typically used for spicing beef, mutton(ram meat) and chicken, but it can be used for many types of meat.

So aside from being so popular, what are the nutritional and health benefits of Suya Spice?

Suya spice is made of some ingredients that are beneficial to the body such as cayenne pepper, paprika, ginger, garlic and onion.

It may reduce the blood pressure

One of the core ingredients of Suya Spice, cayenne pepper, has an active component called Capsaicin, which was found in a study to help reduce blood pressure when consumed as a dietary spice for a long term.

It serves as an antioxidant that helps to prevent diseases:

Paprika contains inhibitor edges derived from antioxidant that act against free radicals. Lycopene, from the neolatin genus Lycopersicon, is known to be a carotene that contributes to the intense color pigment of the many fruits and vegetables. it’s absorbed by lipoproteins and accumulated in the main within the blood and liver, though it will be found in most muscle tissues of our body.

The consumption of carotenoid is indicated as a helpful part that may facilitate your whole body, and particularly to the eyes and system. Lycopene is also regarded as an anti-ageing defence for the skin, which makes the body healthy and look exquisite.

It has Antimicrobial Potentials

In a study carried out in Nigeria in 2008, it was observed that the ingredients used in preparing suya spice, singularly have antimicrobial potentials. Mixed together they have even greater potentials.

So, if you’ve never had a reason to try suya, despite its delicious taste, the nutritional and health benefits should change your mind. I think taking skewered meat with suya spice is the right combination for you to journey into this African delicacy.

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